God`s Creation ,if He/She had a hand in it at all ,then why ?

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  • smiddy3

    Every living life form on this planet survives by killing ,eating every other living life form that exists on this planet.

    One life form preys on another life form for it`s survival from the most primitive to the most highest complexity.

    And I mean "EVERY" living life form from the lowest to the highest that exists in the world.

    This is just the natural order of things that has been going on since man has observed his surroundings.

    Their is no room for a GOD of love in the real world. no wonder "they" came up with the phrase "Survival of The Fittest "

    "Every living life form on this planet survives by killing ,eating every other living life form that exists on this planet".

    This cannot be denied ,it`s a universal truth. Where is God`s love in that truth ?

  • punkofnice

    I feel that this planet is quite hostile to life.

    That's why I wear clothes to keep warm (not so that people can't see my ding dong).

    I have heating in the home so that I don't die of hypothermia.

    The sun wants to give us cancer.

    Some animals will eat your goolies if they catch you.

    I feel this Earth is not exactly conducive to life.

    I expect the Jobos will tell us it's because of 'imperfection(tm)' caused by talking snakes and eating apples. Dimwits!

  • truth_b_known

    I think it was a psychology professor who made a comment that went something like -

    "Atheists live by a religious structure and then criticize it."

    Even devote atheists are commenting that the use of the Epicurean argument of the Problem of Evil is not solid argument or proof that a benevolent creator does not exist.

    The labels of "good" and "bad" or "evil" are constructs of the Judeo-Christian world. Eastern philosophy and religion do not prescribe to such ideals, but rather concern themselves with harmony and disharmony.

    To judge a creator and not being loving because all life on Earth prolongs itself by consuming other life is to use Judeo-Christian concepts to judge the creator.

    The number on leading cause of death is life. All lifeforms die. All life depends on balance between life and death. The leaves on my maple tree have turned a beautiful, brilliant crimson color. That means they are dead. That also means that soon they will end up in my compost heap and be used to grow plants in my vegetable garden. To me that is a beautiful cycle. Just because the local hawk eats a rat out in the field doesn't mean there is no loving creator.

    I am not claiming belief in YWHY or the Biblical creation account. My idea of a creator is that all things, all beings are interconnected and make the universe. Nothing is truly separate or independent. Therefor we are all the creator.

    All matter is made of energy. Energy cannot be destroyed, but it can be transformed. Something cannot come from nothing. Something cannot become or return to nothing. Therefor, death is an illusion. It is simply matter transforming into other matter.

    Pain is inevitable. Suffering is a choice. We make or own suffering and therefor we are responsible for ending our own suffering. Pain has a purpose. It is a defensive mechanism. Suffering is egocentric and therefor a delusion.

    I recently read a paper from a professor from UC Berkeley on how to disprove Christianity. It is so simple and it saves so much time from exhaustive debates about creation vs evolution, did Jesus really exist, did Jesus really rise from the dead, the Problem of Evil, etc.

    How did he do it? He used the Bible to show how Christians should act if they have the Holy Spirit. Then he show how Christians really are.

    So, if you really want to disprove the Bible and Christianity go no further then asking -

    What Christian denomination has:

    • The majority of its members donating all their wealth to the Church and live in a commune
    • The church cares for the poor, the sick, orphans, and widows
    • The members are non-violent
    • The members show the Fruitage of the Spirit

    We look out into the world over the past 20 centuries and we go from this...

    How the Spanish Inquisition Worked | HowStuffWorks

    To this...

    Hundreds gather at church for blessing ceremony featuring AR-15s - CBS News

  • JoenB75

    Life is tough and this planet a testing ground for us humans. God's love is tough. It is believable because it matches reality and does not sound like a salesman's tale. Man or rather a substantial amount of men are bastards, and if you want examples of Godless murderers just point to Mao, Stalin and the guy that probably murdered least people of the three - ol uncle AH. I read at least one correct statement by Rutherford, men are not all equally bad or something to the like.

  • pistolpete

    Where is God`s love in that truth ?

    The human species is getting there, but we're still a long road away.

    What I mean is humans will eventually "See" that all evidence points to the FACT--that even if there is a God, his purpose was never to have a paradise earth where death didn't exist for humans or animals.

    What we see in the animal Kingdom and the human species is REALITY.

    It has taken literally thousands of years for humans to finally "START" questioning the idea of a Loving Creator.

    It will probably take another span of time for humans to finally Accept the inevitable, that it was Never anyone's intentions to have humans or animals live forever.

    Dying is an aspect of life that is very difficult to accept. Humans that have a fairly decent life, have family and friends whom they love---have the most difficult time letting go. And we all understand the feeling. No one wants to lose their parents, children, and a good partner.

    It was these types of people that invented GOD----a Super, Almighty Being that could grant humans everlasting life.

    In human history there have been numerous Gods that have been created by humans to allay the fear of dying and been gone forever----never to exist again. Those Gods eventually become obsolete and New Ones are Created to suit the new culture.

    At this point we are nearing the end of the Jesus / Jehovah God belief. People are starting to see that both of these deities were Created to inspire hope in living forever whether in heaven or on a paradise earth.

    With this in mind we can understand why it is actually impossible to reason with someone who has left the Watchtower but still holds the Bible as the Inspired word of God even though the contents of the book contain tons of absurdities.

    It's an EMOTIONAL THING tied with everlasting life vs everlasting destruction.

    I think we sometime argue or debate a believer in the bible because we either want confirmation that we are right about the bible NOT being inspired, and at the same time we are hoping that perhaps there is some hope out there of a Loving God that will give us Everlasting Life.

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