Daily Scripture:Luke 11:9,10 When???

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  • Blueblades

    9.Accordingly I say to YOU,keep on asking,and it will be given YOU.Keep on seeking ,and YOU will find;Keep on knocking,and it will be opened to YOU.10.For everyone asking receives,and everyone seeking finds,and to everyone knocking it will be open.

    In all sincerity I ask this question:How long does it take to have this promised declaration of the Lord to become a reality?

    All my life I have been keeping on asking,and keeping on seeking,and keeping on knocking.So I have been doing the first part vs. 9. yes I have been doing my part.Its been a lifetime.

    When is the Lord going to do his part vs.10.receive,find and open ?

    Have YOU been doing the same and for how long without getting a response?

    Blueblades, who has stopped asking,seeking and knocking. ( maybe now I'll get an answer ?)

  • LittleToe

    In my personal experience, I had read this exact text. Two weeks later, when reading the parallel version in Matt.7:7 I responded by actually asking, got an answer first time, and walked through the open door before it got a chance to shut again.

    Sometimes the door is open and we don't go in.
    Other times we've already gone in, but somehow didn't notice.

    A celtic pilgrimage was a journey, rather than a destination...
    Crypic? Life's like that. This is one puzzle that is so personal and precious, we all get to work it out for ourselves.
    I would swiftly add that this is not an attempt at a "smart" or condescending answer. It's a subjective thing.

    Every blessing on life's journey.

  • A Paduan
    A Paduan

    What have you been asking? "whatever we ask according to His will"

  • Undecided

    I got on my knees and cried while asking to know what was the truth about God and life. Do I take what I have found out so far as an answer or is it just some musings of a dumb human??? Is a God going to wipe me and my family out some day because I missed something? Should I just accept what a few old men in Brooklyn thinks is truth at the moment, even though they change it every few years? Maybe we have about as much chance as my dog to understand this life. I'm not comfortable with my understand yet so I guess I'll keep my screen name for a while.

    Ken P.

  • rocketman

    How do we really know if we've been answered? or if God is not answering? or waiting for the 'best time' to answer? How do we really know?

    I tend to believe that much can be attributed to simple chance and coincidence. How does one know whether something is purley coincidental or somehow manuevered by God?

  • StinkyPantz

    That verse is a sick joke. It puts false hope into people's minds and leaves them feeling unloved or ignored by God. I kept asking for God to keep my molester off of me. I guess he didn't hear my small voice. . or my prayers were insignificant.

    In addition to the false hopes, people start thinking that everything good in their lives was given to them due to their prayers. Puh-leese! Maybe sometimes in life, good things happen because we work hard. .or maybe it's due to another human's compassion. I say don't wait on a God that doesn't bother protecting small children and trust in yourself.


    You have a PM

  • UpAndAtom

    JW's take phrases from the Bible very literally (as they are taught to do) and are ultimately dissapointed by their assumptions.

    I believe this phrase is just one of many where the point was completely missed... and in fact, will continue to be missed until a much deeper understanding of the scriptures is realized. I know everyone believes we understand them now - but I very much doubt this, despite the plain language and simple illustrations that Jesus used. I firmly believe that Jesus was talking down to us (at the time) in order to help change our thought processes in preparation for the actual truth which at the time would've been difficult to comprehend for the lay person... or at the very least, comprehended but not believed or followed. I don't believe there is any miracle that Jesus could've accomplished that would've changed the free will and desires of every man and woman at the time - he realized it and didn't fight it. Just went with the flow... having confidence that he was working to a different time table than us.

    I don't expect the scriptures to be fully understood by the masses until we are out of the dark ages... which I believe we are still firmly in. I feel we've regressed (not progressed) since Jesus' time. Perhaps in 20, 40 or 100 years time... passages like this will take on a different meaning... but I wouldn't want to set a date .

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