Have You Been "Sent to Coventry"?

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  • compound complex
    compound complex

    Greetings, Fellow Posters:

    If you're from the UK -- or of the pure English expression in another kingdom -- you have probably heard this expression. I learned it from an elderly English chap. It seems to fit many of us here in our circumstances:

    To send someone to Coventry is an English idiom meaning to deliberately ostracise someone. Typically, this is done by not talking to them, avoiding someone's company, and generally pretending that they no longer exist. Victims are treated as though they are completely invisible and inaudible. -- Wikipedia.org

  • jookbeard

    yes, my whole life was, even as a ADHD kid, I learnt to deal with shunning and cutting off from a very young age

  • CookieMonster

    No offense to anyone from Coventry but its amazing how to this day its still a dump.

  • compound complex
    compound complex

    Thanks, jookbeard and CookieMonster, for responding.

    There's a connection, so I read, between Lady Godiva and Peeping Tom and Coventry -- fact and/or fable???

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