The Egyptian god Thoth smarter then Jehovah?

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  • Crazyguy
    We can tell by the old testament and other writings that the Jews and Israelites used a lunar calendar. Thier neighbor to the east eventually switched away from a lunar to a solar calendar. Experts don't know exactly when but the Egyptians watching the star Sirius were able to make the change as early as 2700 BC or possibly as late as about 1100 BC. They the Egyptians gave the credit to thier god of knowledge Thoth. Now on the other hand the Israelites which supposedly lived in Egypt for a few hundred year never found out about this calendar and Moses who was supposedly taught all the ways of Egypt also didn't seem to know. What about Jehovah, why would he not tell his people about this more accurate way of keeping time? Maybe he's not as smart as the god Thoth. What about the new testament, during the time of Jesus they still seem to be stuck on the lunar calendar even though the Romans had already switched? Jesus told the writer of revelations he would return very soon five times in the last chapter. Maybe why he hasn't shown is because he and his father have gotten thier calendars mixed up.
  • Phizzy

    Jehoober is a bit of a dummy, he couldn't even tell his guys the value of Pi, the fact that the earth was an Oblate Spheroid, or that genetics do not work the way the writer of the Noah story, and the story of Jacob and his different coloured sheep would have us believe.

    The chances of two of every mammal re-populating the Earth ? Big Fat Zero. I can't be arsed to debunk the other examples. But the followers of other gods knew the Earth was a sphere, worked out its circumference, knew the value of PI, and how to breed their livestock.

    Yup, Jehoober is a Dummy.

    Pick whatever "pagan" god you like, they certainly don't seem to be any thicker than Jehoober.

  • fulano
    Might be the same thing under different names. Like LANCIA and CHRYSLER  nowadays.
  • WTWizard

    Thoth doesn't have lies to defend. When you have to defend lies, you must dumb down the target so they will not see through the lies. Joke-hova always lies, and that thing needs us to be so stupid to fall for such lies and become enslaved. Thoth, on the other hand, wants us to know the truth. For that, it is necessary for people to be as smart as possible, not as dumb.

    Incidentally, Thoth is with Satan, who is also on the side of truth and enlightenment. And against our enslavement.

  • sparky1

    Jehovah was just waiting for his son Jesus to be enthroned as earths King in 1914 in order to introduce the 'real' time keeping calendar to his faithful followers. Unfortunately , Judge Rutherford was pissed off that an angel gave the calendar idea to C.J. Woodworth and not to him, so he put the kibosh to it. We may have to wait another generation until the new 'overlapping calendars' teaching can be introduced.

  • fulano
    Apres nous le deluge. Or.....who gives a Damn.

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