JWs and invasion of privacy

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  • deanxxx

    Hi all.

    So I had a JW visit me at home accusing me of telling stories about another JW. I said something to a friend in a private message on facebook who went on to share what I said with a JW (third party) who then shared it with another JW (fourth party).

    My question is. It is illegal or a breach of facebook terms (in the UK) for someone to share my private conversation and messages with other parties?

    Of course the JW accusing me didn't seem much interested in my side of the story or in the least bit concerned about my right to privacy when I objected to the violation.

    Btw, I left the borg 23 years ago, I thought all this petty nonsense was behind me but it seems not.

  • ToesUp

    I learned that lesson too. There is NO confidential talk. We learn all the details of everyone's status, in field service car groups. Most, not all,. Elders wives knew the details of confidential meetings.

  • zeb

    another good reason not to be on face book..

  • tiki

    Petty nonsense....absolutely. 23 years and they're trying to tell you what to do or not do???? Pretty nervy...someone needs to be told MYOB in no uncertain terms.

  • deanxxx

    ToesUp: It's so disgusting, I don't miss that in the slightest bit. I mentioned it to a relative JW of mine and asked why is it that you say you need a 'suit of armour' when going into 'the world' but actually it seems you need it more at the KH given all the back stabbing, pontificating, virtue signalling and the like?

    zeb: yeh facebook can be a nightmare at times but I thinks it's a good thing on balance, for me anyway.

    tiki: Maybe the person thinks I'm still that kid who wouldn't stick up for himself. I found my confidence once I left that debilitating organisation. Funny that eh?

  • pbrow

    dean... it is behind you. Dont get involved in it.


  • AnneB

    You're still the kid who won't stick up for himself:

    1, The minute you realized that the JW was meddling you should have told the JW exactly where to get off...and then refused to continue the conversation (in other words, silence).

    2. You're looking for someone to do your fighting for you. Forget what Facebook's rules are in the UK, either own up to what you said in the PM and/or learn to keep your thoughts to yourself. Don't expect anyone else (i.e., FB) to straighten out your messes.

    That's the reality of life today. Adapt.

  • blondie

    This is how I feel about gossip, if it would bother you if someone shared similar info with someone you know, then you shouldn't either. I have found gossip never builds up the teller, the listener, and definitely not the person being talked about.

  • deanxxx

    pbrow: I hear you but it's a little more complicated by good friends and family being involved etc. Hard to explain without going into detail. Anyway, it'll just be a storm in a tea cup.

    AnneB: Nonsense. 1) I did show the JW the door once it was apparent that they were not interested in my side of the story. Btw, it gets complicated by the fact that it is someone who has always been great to me, a good friend, not like your usual JW. 2) How am I looking for someone to do fighting? I'm interested in the FB rules to remind meddling JWs that there are rules and common courtesies that are important. Straighten out my mess? You seem to be too ready to jump to conclusions also. The point in the OP was that I'm not guilty of the things I'm been accused of. Was that not clear? Btw, I'm not gonna sue anyone just wanted to know the rules on privacy. Nowt unreasonable about knowing your rights, right?

    blondie: Indeed.

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