"... and the land of the free"

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  • Simon

    Or not.

    A new report shows 'Canadia' is at the top of the Freedom chart. The US languishes down in 15th place but does manage #1 for heath. But oh dear, #33 for safety and security !

    But hey, the true north strong and free ... next thing you know we'll be free to enjoy our legal liberal pot.


    Once again though, Norway is killing it overall.

  • Simon
  • freddo
    We have similar in England on a much smaller scale. All these Yorkshiremen who think they live ooop North. And they forget Cumbrians, Northumbrians and Durham-ites!
  • Zoos

    Canada is a beautiful place. Visited there a couple of times - your neck of the woods, Calgary, Edmonton, Lake Louise...

    But I grew up in Idaho and I am sick of the insanely cold winters. Spoiled now in the warmer southeast U.S. and I intend to go on being spoiled. Although that liberal pot does look nice. I'm about burnt out on these southern bible-thumping, gun-toting, straw-chewing, rrruh-publicans.

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