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  • Paradise Found
    Paradise Found

    The feelings and attitudes of people who have been victims of the org cannot be covered under one umbrella.

    Because in comparrison to many here my exit from the ogg was painless I hope my posts and comments will not lack compassion or show intolerence to those less fortunate.

    Personally I see all ex-witnesses as survivors, not victims .Because in spite of there suffering they have achived exactly what the org triead to prevent.FREEDOM from the mind control . Of couse for many the terrible emotional scares remain.The price of seperation from family members ect are high to pay. And it is because of such emotional pain that boards like this should be given credit for the major- role they play in healing those that need healing, educating those that need educating and supporting those that need support.

  • smack

    welcome. Some of us have been out so long, and destroyed those weak brain cells, we can hardly rmember being in

  • jgnat

    Some pregnant women deliver with little pain, for others it is an agonizing event. Both result in a new life, something to be celebrated. Paradise, it is wise of you to acknowledge that not everybody has it as easy as it was for you.

  • Frannie Banannie
    Frannie Banannie

    Thank you for your insight, ParadiseFound.....and again...WELCOME to the forum!

    Frannie B

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