GDPR may give WT license to destroy files about Rape

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  • Wakanda

    I think this has somewhat been touched on with regard to WT protecting the abuser, but it didn't make too much sense to me until I watch Kimmy's video from two hours ago. She talks about COC on Amazon until minute two, so skip if you like.

    Also, Alexandra James wrote a blog, which Kim reads in whole or in part where Kathleen Hallisey weighs in. Alexandra wrote to her and Ms. Hallisey was nice enough to respond. Here is the post:

    Hope this helps someone make the right decision. It seems to be a case of being between a rock and a hard place. Consulting a lawyer seems to be in order, especially if you are a rape victim.

  • Slidin Fast
    Slidin Fast

    WOW!, I mean WOW! You could be right. If someone doesn't sign the form, it could give the [email protected] the excuse to destroy the records. They don't have permission to hold the data. The law of unintended consequences.

  • Wakanda

    Thanks Slidin. I wish I could still edit it because I would put Kathleen Hallisey's name near the top and Kim's later, so people see it and click on it. I think some may ignore it because they dismiss Mike and Kim. They shouldn't.

  • Listener

    Don't worry about it Wakanda. The important link is there, which is to JW victims. Thanks for posting.

    Is the Organisation really going to stop recording information because they do not have permission to do so? It's a dilemma for them

    They say that God's law is above human law. Their responsibility is to keep the Congregation clean and to Shepherd the Flock. They cannot do this properly and in some cases, not at all, if they don't keep records. They could then use theocratic warfare in not disclosing the fact so hat they are not punished for breaking the law.

    The problem is, they can be easily exposed for doing this.

  • Crazyguy

    As soon as all data is digital they can destroy it at anytime and they will!!!

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