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  • kilroy2

    This is a funny story the I have to go back and do some history so that you can understand where I am coming from.

    Dan Babcock of Wolverine Michigan was raised a jw. He stopped going to meetings In his early teens.

    Dan could never give up being a jw but at the same time he did not like all the rules that intruded into his personal life.

    He would go to meetings when he got into trouble to smooth over everything with the borg.

    At one point he stopped going all together and started to have his own personal meetings at his house and would conduct his own study’s and talk’s.

    Dan died a couple of years ago. And his wife who never went to meetings or wanted to. Started to go regularly.

    She started to raise the rest of the children that remained at

    home in the dub and dumber way.

    The 2 girls took to it strong and 2 of the boys believe but do nothing in the cult.

    The others [he had a large family] are very indifferent to the whole concept.

    So now to the rest of the story. The youngest girl is a cleaning lady jessy. [wow what a shock a jw cleaning lady] .

    My brother and his girl friend ask her to clean his house, they ask jessy because

    she is a relative of ours, and he wants to help the family out when he can.

    When she comes to the door she was told that it would be open and go in and what to do.

    My brother has a small sign on the door that says no jehovah’s .

    So when he gets home there is a note on the door that says I am very disturbed at the sign about no jehovah’s and being that I am one I can not work for you.

    I was a dubber for 30 years and it still amazes me that they spent thousands of hours knocking on doors telling people that their religion is wrong but when you in any way criticize their religion look out all hell is to pay.

    Just another way that the dubbers are Hippocrates .

    The other thing that is hard for me to realize is that a family that wanted nothing to do with the cult when dan was alive [even dan wanted nothing to do with it when he was alive , I do not know why he played with it at all except he was raised in the cult. ] and now that he is dead they act like they personally held c.t. russells hand in the 19 th century when his halo was given him.

    The cult has so much of a grasp on peoples minds it amazes me.

    I feel so free to be able to see the Hypocreaceae of the cult and finally have an open mind and be able to look at things from several different angles for myself.

    Free at last free at last free at last. Gog almighty I am free at last.

    My family in wolverine are dubbers that go and those that dont go but defend. go figure.

  • freein89

    The heck you say, a JW cleaning lady? Usually JW's use higher education and get better jobs, like bagging groceries. I must admit there was a time when I would have run screaming from the no Jehovah sign. Yup I was brainwashed big time. Those poor people, I feel such a mixture of pity and contempt. I guess its not really fair to feel contempt but I can't help it, wouldn't you think that at some point they would wake up? But I do remember how scary it was to leave. However staying was a scarier thought than leaving. Maybe I am a hypocrite because I didn't leave when I saw others being hurt, only when I was hurt. It was only when I was going through pain that I could open my eyes to the fact that the WT was lying and making it all up as they went along. It is like playing a game with a child that makes up the rules as they go along so they can win. If you ask a little kid to teach you a card game, they invent rules along the way if they see you are winning. With a little kid you might play along but these are adults and it's not a game, lives are at stake. Makes me sick.


  • Country Girl
    Country Girl

    I wish they were like hippocrates. Then they'd do no harm.


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