My second novel (not JW related) is on Amazon

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  • JeffT

    “1912: War for the White House,” Book 2 in my Second Civil War alternate history, is now available on Amazon. Here’s the back cover:

    The War of 1910, and the government scandals it exposed, shattered American confidence and trust in their government. Neither of the main political parties possessed the means to rebuild the Republic.

    Robert Wilson Davies III, the most prominent member of a new political theory, dubbed “Rationalism” by its adherents, stepped into this vacuum. He promised to restore American society and lead it into a new and prosperous future filled with powerful technology.

    But Rationalism harbored a dark secret: more than anything, Davies would stop at nothing to grasp control of the United States. If necessary, he would launch a war to seize the White House.

    It’s in both Kindle and Paperback formats.



    I'm working on the edits for the third book, after that I'm going to clean up the first of two novels based loosely on my time in the religion.

  • Phizzy

    I wish you well with what looks to me to be a fascinating and believable Plot. I am someone who has started writing two or three novels, only to give up, out of laziness really, and pressures of life to a lesser degree.

    I had to temporarily abandon my last attempt, as Real Life overtook it ! the basis was Russian interference in European and American Politics, sadly, this idea proved to be prescient, so I am going to have to re-work the Plot. Life imitating Art indeed !

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