Time Magazine person of the year is.... MANY OF US!

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  • doubtfull1799

    The Time Person of the Year for 2017 is "The Silence Breakers."


    This article got me thinking. First of all, that like those women who are currently breaking the silence of sexual harassment and/or violence against women in the entertainment industry, we are part of a growing movement to break the silence on the Watchtowers spiritual abuses as well as their covering up of child abuse.

    This shows that society is continuing to evolve ethically and morally in a positive direction (in contradiction to the WTS propaganda that the world is becoming more and more depraved. It may be a slow process, and we will no doubt always have cases of abuse like we always have had in the past, but gradually society outlaws the institutional nature of these kinds of harmful behaviours.

    Once we accepted slavery until enough "Silence Breakers" spoke out against it.

    Once we accepted limiting womens rights until enough "Silence Breakers" spoke out against it.

    Once we treated same-sex attracted persons as subhuman until enough "Silence Breakers" spoke out against it.

    Once we treated racism as acceptable until enough "Silence Breakers" spoke out against it.

    Now we are hopefully seeing the beginning of the end of silently accepting child abuse, sexual assault and violence against women etc.

    Maybe one day, if enough people break the silence, we will also see an end to harmful religious indoctrination and propaganda too......

    Don't be afraid to stand up to religious abuse - speak out. Condemn it for what it is.

  • smiddy3

    A good post doubtfull 1799 , I agree and I hope you are more positive and not doubtfull about the outcome

  • days of future passed
    days of future passed

    Religion, governments, workplaces - can be so powerful that it may take years before someone will stand up. The first ones might not be remembered, but because they dared, others will take courage.

    I like your post.

    There is a picture of men and women standing outside the WT in sandwich boards. They weren't many but they did what they could to protest the WT. I can't imagine how alone they must have felt and how great the odds were that they could make a difference.

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