Evidence of condescending thinking on the part of the GBoJW / Writing Committee.

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  • Nicholaus Kopernicus
    Nicholaus Kopernicus

    Source: July 2016 “study” Watchtower.

    Page 11 paragraph 17.

    “We should not imitate the people of ‘the nations,’ who have no real faith in a loving heavenly Father who cares for those who put the interests of his Kingdom first in their life.”

    Page 16 paragraph 13

    “Many are so wrapped up in their mundane affairs of life...”

    Page 17 paragraph 14

    “Instead, we must regularly associate with fellow Christians at our congregation meetings, where God’s sprit is present.”

    Page 23 paragraph 11

    “By their preaching and teaching work, they [the anointed remnant] have brought millions of ‘other sheep’ into a righteous standing before Jehovah.”

    The last paragraph in the Insight Volume I under humility states:

    False humility can actually result in developing haughtiness in the individual, for he may tend to think he is righteous on his own merit; or he may feel that he is accomplishing his ends, not realizing that he cannot deceive Jehovah. If haughtiness develops, he will in time be humbled in a way that he will not enjoy. He will be brought low, and it may be to his own destruction.—Pr 18:12; 29:23.”

  • Heaven

    Condescension is a mainstay of this religion. In one of the videos in the last couple of years, Tony Morris the Turd spoke condescendingly about his wife. In another talk, Sam Herd spoke condescendingly about women.They speak this way about anyone who isn't an uber dub.

    Since they believe they are God's Chosen and Spokespeople, they have elevated themselves about everyone else. I have found that self-righteous, holier-than-thou, mean-spirited attitudes follow when people do this.

  • Half banana
    Half banana

    Nicholas K, I hardly no where to begin when criticising the Watchtower---all of it is a distortion of reality and based on concocted sacred beliefs supported by patronising praise for those doing the will of the governing body.

    The irony of the Watchtower is that the demand for things like humility apply in greater measure to those writing it in the first place!


    The GB brought everyone else into a righteous standing....yeah, right... These are the same people who believe that ONLY they are chosen as God's children, ONLY they are spoken of in the NT as being given a righteous standing, despite what they print.

    ONLY by associating and obeying THEM, can lesser humans gain life. Your righteous standing, courtesy of the GB, disappears if you fail to obey THEM.

    THAT is the ULTIMATE in delusional thinking and condescending behavior.


  • Vidiot

    To (ironically) paraphrase a prominent GB member...

    ...there's more evidence of condescending thinking on the part of the GB / JW Writing Committee...

    ...than there is of gravity, electricity, or wind.


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