PHEW! what a relief!

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  • Soledad

    power came on in my neighborhood finally at 9pm last night (we were one of the last ones to get power in nyc last night)

    I'm quite amazed at how well everyone seemed to take it. thursday night everyone was just hanging around on the sidewalks, drinking beer or soda, having cookouts, singalongs with roasted marshmellows, ghost stories for the kids. It sure was HOT though. I felt so bad for all those travelers stranded outside of Grand Central and Penn Station. I took a walk out there at around 7pm SO MANY people just lying around on the sidewalks and office lobbies it was incredible.

    When the power first went out many of us were quite jittery; 9/11 is still very fresh in our minds. rumors flew around like crazy. the radio stations were down except for a few, like 1010 WINS. my cell phone worked very briefly, and I got a few crank calls from god knows where, telling me that something big was going to happen. I got a little nervous at first, but then I thought you know? its a power outage like many others that have happened before, that's all!

    A couple of grocery stores in my area were charging $5 for bottled water and $10 for batteries, but for the most part the merchants were ok, they were good to us. this morning I went to the corner store that was price gouging and gave the owner a piece of my mind. I've lived in this neighborhood for 5 years and he was the last person I could have expected that from. needless to say, I wont shop there again.

    The supermarkets are out of fresh meat and ice cream, but there is plenty of fresh milk. I just bought some veggies and pasta. I'll wait about a week before buying meat and fish again.

    just really glad its all over. how about the rest of you? I hope everyone is ok. There were a couple of fires, one little boy and an elderly lady died. life goes on. amazing the little things we take for granted, dont you think?

  • SixofNine

    Glad you weathered this ok, Soledad.

    I find myself with feelings that are an odd mix of pride and relief and hope stemming from the way NewYorkers (and pretty much everyone affected) reacted to this crisis.

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