The spirit that guides JW org

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  • anointed1

    We can draw a parallel: The Democrats lost the US presidential election, and they started blaming everyone else (including foreign powers) except themselves. They forgot the reason for their own victory before—it was the direct and proportionate result of the poor performance of the then ruling party. And now after 8 years of mess, people voted for a change. Here who is at fault is too obvious, yet party concerned is not willing to admit!

    JW org built itself on the failed prophecies and false teachings of others. But now they find themselves in the same situation they were accusing others in the past. In fact, no religion has made such serious folly as JW org did with the year 1914 (something Newsweek magazine described as the lie of the century), yet party concerned is not willing to admit!

    The fundamental error JW org made seems to be this: they lost the overall picture that life as a whole is as good as it can be, the parts of life are as good as they can be, so we should love, or at least accept, every part of life. Every action or happening is like sprouting of a seed which happens because of many causes and forces coming together, hence there is logic in everything we see and do. In the overall perspective, everything in the universe has rational and logic attached to it. You cannot say dirty mud is bad and lotus is good because there is no lotus without dirty mud! In big picture, even atheists are Gods gifts to mankind because without them religious leaders would freely perfect their ego and wickedness, and mankind would have been reeling under the iron hands of religious bigots.

  • fukitol


    The fundamental error of the organization, like all religious organizations, is that they take their given 'holy book' literally.

  • anointed1


    JWs obsession with negative points of others have more to do with Theory of Evolution (rather than with their Bible). From the earliest days, man's existence depended on his ability to detect and keep himself safe from unpleasant events and danger. Therefore, our brain evolved such that it could pay better and more attention to all unpleasant stimuli. This tendency then seems to have generalized to all stimuli that evoke negative feelings. So, whenever there is anything negative in others life they focus on it with all their attention and energy and in the process develop an obsession towards it.

  • scratchme1010

    Whatever makes you happy.

  • problemaddict 2
    problemaddict 2

    You seem as delutional as one that actually believes themselves to be annointed. Your entire premis starts with a fallicy.

    So what parallel are you trying to draw here? It is entirely unclear.

  • anointed1
    problemaddict 2

    Both see the mistakes of others, yet do not see the mistakes of themselves.

    This is the parallel I could draw

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