Rough draft - partial to Preface Separate Identity vol. 2

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  • vienne

    Some of you may find this interesting. Feel free to comment, but remember this is a history only blog. We do not discuss anything but history.

  • compound complex
    compound complex


    I am enjoying this look into the past. It will, however, take me some time to peruse. One small thing:

    For the last three quarters of a century the approach to so called “American Originals” has been based on a flawed, often superficial . . . (para. 3)

    edited: so-called American Originals (The use of so-called [hyphenated] obviates the need for quotation marks surrounding the item modified.)

    (I have further observations re: punctuation, if desired.)

  • vienne

    As I said, it's a very rough draft. But certainly, your observations are welcome. You can leave them here or as a comment on the blog post.

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