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  • Jourles

    To everyone:

    I am currently seeking a partner to take on half ownership of the domain and website. The primary purpose of this is to provide my ISP, and possible future attorney, with a 'real' name to associate the domain to. As you may know, I must remain anonymous while maintaining this website.

    If you are willing and able to provide your real name and are up to the task of going to court with the WTBTS over fair-use and copyright issues, please reply via PM. Currently, the Electronic Frontier Foundation is backing the "Body of Elder's letters" for fair-use by presenting it on They also stated that finding an attorney to fight the WTBTS would most likely not be a problem. The ball is in my court as to how to proceed. Unfortunately, I cannot reveal my real name to them for use on court documents. Without providing vital this information, I cannot take this to the next level if required, which is why I am asking for YOUR support. I will provide you with the details later.

    I am currently modifying the wording of the website based on the comments of the letter received from the legal department of the WTBTS. The BOE letters will be restored today.

  • Elsewhere

    You could incorporate (about $150 in most states) and put the domain and the web site in the name of the corporation. It's a lot easier than you might think. Just run to the book store and they will have plenty of How-To books on this.

    Just create one in Nevada. Nevada does not require corporations to list their board members, executives, or stock holders. You will be able to remain 100% anonymous.

    Given the nature of your web site, you might be able to file as an Educational/Charitalbe corporation, which will exempt anything you do related to the website from most taxes... basically, you will get to take advantage of the same tax breaks as the WTS.

    Trust me, setting up all of this is a lot easier than you might think. Like I said, go to the book store and you can find books that lay out the steps for you... 1... 2... 3.....

  • DannyBear

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