watchtower's exemplarily obedient woman, Abigail, Mary and Jesus.

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  • waton

    for lurkers, this past week's wt study. Women, obedient to headship.

    wt message to wt ladies: do like Abigail, ignore your husband's initiative, who might have had his own strategy to rid the country of the marauding outlaws for good, and instead kowtow to "the anointed" aka us, the GB and elders. you might even end as one of our wives!

    Mary, who when propositioned by a spirit, did not consult her fiance for protection (wt article said the angel approached her and not the family head). Harking back to the pre - diluvian times, it was not new to have maidens end up pregnant after such encounters with the spirit realm. wt message, leave your mate out of such private discussions.

    Jesus, the example of submission to higher headshipm for wt woman. --- killing himself for the family, setting up his kingdom in 1914, ruling over all for a 1000 years. only giving some of the power back after a millennium.

    what more would a wife want?

    message: husbands, male headship means nothing, we are the governing body to obey.

    * afterthought: The deity could had produced a perfect woman using one of jesus ribs too.' or used more natural means, but really, Jesus is part of wt's obedient trio.

  • truth_b_known
  • road to nowhere
    road to nowhere

    What if abigail had been ugly? Would david have been as receptive? There was actually a comment that jehovah put naaman out of the way so david could have her.

  • pistolpete

    What if abigail had been ugly?

    I think these days the only women that listen to this garbage is the Old jw women True Believers. Probably 60 years and up.

    Most young jw girls are not listening to GB and elders-- and are instead doing their own thing.

    Just vist exjwreddit and you see tons of post by young jw girls calling elders and GB stupid idiots who have no clue what real life is all about.

  • Rocketman123

    In ancient Hebrew times woman were seen as bought and paid for chattel, they were more or less made to be subservient slaves toward men, they weren't even allowed to speak inside a temple.

    Organized religion like the JWS is just another social structure of power and control for men.

  • waton
    What if abigail had been ugly?

    rtn: her husband and Uriah would have lived longer.--- Being married to a beautiful lady, that obvious had reasons to marry you in the first place,- drastically reduces your life expectancy around ruthless rulers. David had a habit making and marrying widows. " a man according to the deity's heart" as he wrote, about himself. point in the article was:

    wt wants women to take the initiative to give to the anointed, as the "anointed" wrote about themselves.

    Old jw women True Believers. Probably 60 years and up.

    pp: yes, here, they keep the meetings alive, taking >75% of the comment time. repeating the wt drivel, to fight their verbal battles, 1 Tim 4:7 applicable.

  • FedUpJW

    I thought that there are plenty of "Abigails" in the JW congregations. Just read how she spoke about her husband: Please, do not let my lord set his heart upon this good-for-nothing man Naʹbal, for, as his name is, so is he. Naʹbal is his name, and senselessness is with him.

    I hear more JW women that talk about their husbands with the same kind of derogatory speech when their husbands are not present.

    And of course David, that fine upstanding example for JW men today, true to form took Abigail as his wife because she was beautiful in form. Reminds me of some JW men who are now elders who have divorced their first wife in order to take the "she is a size 1" petite, wealthy, little blonde second wife.

    This entire WT article was truly puke worthy, IMO!

  • FFGhost

    Quite a demotion for poor old Jesus...busted all the way down to "submissive woman".

  • waton
    Quite a demotion for poor old Jesus...busted all the way down to "submissive woman".

    FFG: yeah, that is how low wt writers with their gaslighting techniques will stoop to reach their goal, including the second in command of the universe among the examples of obedient women

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