Uh-oh Eman, Harry's nervous!

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  • ozziepost

    On the Nationwide site tonite is this piece of concern for Pompey followers:

    Todorov out for season 15 Aug

    Portsmouth manager Harry Redknapp has revealed that he expects striker Svetoslav Todorov to miss the whole season after suffering a knee ligament injury in training.

    The Bulgaria international hit 26 goals during Pompey's promotion campaign and had been a central part of Redknapp's plans for Premiership survival.

    "The last thing we needed at this stage was an injury like this because the squad is so thin," he said.

    "I thought Todorov was capable of scoring goals in the Premiership, but he may be out for some time now.

    "It's going to be tough staying up at this level, but then nobody expected anything from us last year, yet we still won the championship.

    "We will certainly give it our best shot."

    In Todorov's absence Yakubu Ayegbeni and Teddy Sheringham are likely to play up front against Aston Villa on Saturday.

  • Simon

    I can picture Englishman, running onto the pitch in his Orange shorts to "save the day"

  • ozziepost

    They won!!!!!

    Can you believe it? They just beat Villa 2-1!!!!!!!

    We saw it here live on cable TV. Oh, Harry, when will you smile?

  • Simon

    Is it true that Villa's coach broke down on the Motorway and they didn't actually turn up for the match? It was lucky that Pompey managed to equalise in the second half and then snatch it in the last few minutes !

    Just kidding Englishman, well played

  • Englishman
    We saw it here live on cable TV. Oh, Harry, when will you smile?

    Hi Ozzie, Simon:

    I've been away for a few days up in Derbyshire, so there was a panic to find somone with Sky so's I could watch the game live. In the end, I found a pub in Sheffield that was screening the match.

    Not bad, a bit scrappy at first but not too bad. The defence is a bit naive but I thought Yakubu was brill. I think that we have some real doughnuts next week, can't recall their name though.


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