Superstitions ,Numbers , and Miracles of the Bible Writers ? Why then & not now.

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  • smiddy3

    Doesn`t the Bible with its fascination / significance with numbers indicate that its authors were superstitious and written for the benefit of superstitious people in mind ?

    Numbers such as 7 ,10 , 12 , 40 , 144,000 , and the amount of times and applications in scripture , sometimes a multiple of such numbers are used.

    Coupled with its magical claims of miracles , curing the sick by touch,raising the dead ,curing the blind ,walking on water ,axe heads floating on top of the water ,calming the weather during a storm,curing leprosy ,etc,etc.?

    All of these instances on a limited occurrence of course and only in certain cases. {Why not continually for all of humanity ?}

    Isnt that indicative of the mentality of the Bible writers and their reliance on the super-natural ? superstitions ? and adopting pagan beliefs of other Gods around them ?

    Why have all of these things been prevalent in Bible times for 4000 years ,yet not one occurrence of their happening since the bible was written over 2000 years ago.?

    It begs the question don`t you think ?

  • Onager

    I think it could be because there were miracles at the time the bible was written. Two people are sick, one touches the holy stone of Ptah and gets better, the other doesn't and dies. It's a miracle!

    Miracles followed the same evolution as religion itself. The portable version of sacred stones, prayer, was developed and then, of course, there was a need for faith and lack of faith. Everyone can pray but not everyone gets the miracles, ah hah! They must have lacked faith!

    Miracles haven't gone away since the bible was written, they've just evolved. There are people today who say that their illness was cured by a miracle from god and there are charlatans right now exploiting super-natural and superstitious beliefs.

  • waton

    who says it really happened then? Even today fictional writing greatly outnumbers the non-fiction offerings.

  • xjwsrock

    A lot of the miracle healings involved exorcism. Sense modern medicine came along with brain scans and mri, apparently demons are no longer bothering people. I guess they got scared off :)

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