Do Third World JWs Starve Too?

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  • Undecided

    Of all the experiences in the Wt. or Aw. have any of you read about any JWs starving like the normal population in the undeveloped countries? Are they helped by the Borg. in some way or do they just cover it up? I remember when I was a kid there were a lot of clothes sent over to the JWs during wwII or right after it ended. Do any of you remember anything like this?

    Ken P.

  • freedom96

    I don't know, but my guess is that the JW's are basically non-existant in those areas where there is so much poverty and starvation.

  • Undecided

    Never thought of that Freedom, they wouldn't have the money to buy the magazines and books to indoctrinate themselves. You are probably right.

    Ken P.

  • Joker10

    I think that this is how it goes: The average JW should be helped by the loval congrefation.. IF the whole congreagation is in critical need then they get help from the surrounding congregations. If the whole area can't possible send relief, then it's up to the branch what measures they should take. And they often do help.

  • Elsewhere

    JWs starve with the best of 'em. The WTS only reports on stories with happy endings... "happy ending" being from the perspective of the WTS, and also "martyr stories where a JW suffered for Jehover.

    I recall sitting in on a meeting where a poor sister on welfare asked the elders for $30 to change her locks because her ex-Boyfriend was a psycho and had a key to her public-housing apartment. They declined. He kept breaking in and terrorizing her. You know what they say... "I'm not my brother's keeper".

    I also sat in on a meeting where a sister had a son in jail and she asked if the brothers would help her with bail... Nope.

    The only people JWs help are other JWs in good-standing who happen to be popular or very visible. I have never seen the brothers help anyone else. If there is ever a natural disaster, they will help other JWs, and will only help worldly people if there is a surplus.

    If you are wondering... yes I very much do regret never helping these people. I recall sitting in the meetings in astonishment as they did nothing to help one person after another. To be blunt, I was weak-willed and did not have the gonads to speak up in the meetings or go behind their backs to help these people on my own. $30... that's all she needed.

  • KGB


    To be honest I don't even remember the surplus going to the public, I do remember it going to other KH's and spread out through plcaes in JW need. Just this last week my church took in donated clothing and we give it all back into the community for free..I was a clown this week entertaing the children and flagging them in off the streets. But the point is the borg does not give to their communities at all....That was one of the biggest reasons that caused me to leave the borg was the lack of love....

  • freedom96

    Yes, I have never really seen the supposed love for the brothers when I went to the meetings for 25 years. Donate to make sure the hall stayed open, help out Bethel, and oh, maybe the occasional dinner for a very sick person in the hall.

    But usually all the loving help was never organized, it was simply a loving individual in the hall that helped out.

    Another thing to consider, is that many witnesses, due to lack of education, or lack of will, don't make enough to support their own families, let alone help others, though they many want to.

    As I said earlier, in these starving lands, I just don't believe there is much presence of witnesses. To help out one family is one thing, to help out another hall make their mortgage payment is another, to help huge lands of poverty, the WTS just isn't going to fund something like that, and neighboring communities barely surviving will not be in a position to do so either.

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