Is it the original anointed person or their clone who will be in heaven?

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  • deegee

    The WT teaches that there's no part of a human being that survives the death of the body. If the anointed do not have an immortal soul/ some immaterial part of them that survives death, then whoever will be in heaven won't be the original anointed person but their CLONE since once a person dies, according to WT theology, they cease to exist; so God will have to create a spirit body FROM NOTHING for that person and that created body by definition will therefore NOT be the original person but their CLONE.

    So it will be a person's CLONE that will get to live forever in heaven and rule with Christ, and NOT the original can now see why other religions teach the doctrine of the immortality of the soul.

  • Wayward

    I asked my mom once what part of an anointed person went to Heaven since they died but there is no soul. She told me that it was their energy that went to Heaven. So I asked what was the difference? Energy, soul, same basic thing. Crickets. What it came down to is this was a subject Mom didn't want to think about and hoped no one else ever asked her about. Because this makes no sense when you think about it and looking for sense in JW teachings is a no-no.

    Either there is a soul or there is not. If there is NOT, then the anointed aren't going to Heaven. They're dead in the ground, like all the rest of us. If there IS a soul, what's to stop the rest of us from going to Heaven?

  • no-zombie

    The same issue applies to the earthly resurrection also. It did my head in when I realized it. The resurrected person will truly believe that he's the same one, but because the is no physical/spiritual connections to the person who lived before ... he is in actuality a clone. And the original is dead.

  • Hairtrigger

    According to these jokers one becomes a part of JewHobo's memory. After yu are dead ofcourse.Does that mean all humans are a part of The big Jew's mind which he is sytamatically destroying bit by single bit- since most humans will be destroyed if not in death then in Arm- a -geddon. The Hobo is a self destructive God existing in a mindless state. Like his followers here on the planet! Not surprising!

  • Village Idiot
    Village Idiot

    Adventists have the doctrine of soul sleep where they say that there is an immortal soul but it is unconscious until the resurrection. The Watchtower doctrine, while leaning heavily on Adventist doctrine, killed that doctrine and replaced it with a materialistic one where the soul (Nephesh) is the whole body. That includes the "spirit" (Ruach) which they refer to as an animating but impersonal force that disappears at death.

    Your mother was probably thinking of this interpretation of "spirit" when she made - probably her personal analogy - a reference to electricity. In any case you can apply that same reasoning to those of the earthly resurrection (any resurrected ones for that matter.

    By the way, your clone illustration has been used by sci-fi philosophers pondering whether Star Trek's transporter beam really transports you elsewhere or simply kills you while recreating an identical you at the transport site.

  • prologos

    "Clone" would be an inappropriate term, because in the case of cloning, the replica is just split off, not necessarily destroying the original. wt uses " died in the flesh, made alive in the spirit" as the repetition of Christ's alleged return to life for the anointed rapture now until the great tribulation.

  • Village Idiot
    Village Idiot

    As far as cloning is concerned it doesn't produce a person with your unique memories. Case in point, identical twins.

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