"Stay alive until 75"

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  • Sour Grapes
    Sour Grapes

    This video speaks volumes about Watchtower failed prophecies and hyped up dead end promises.


  • ToesUp

    Wow...great recording. Thank you. I have never heard this talk before.

    Around 8 min. he speaks about Babylon the Great falling. Several churches in our area are thriving. They have massive expansions of their church. This talk was given 41 years ago.

    WT has taken this talk and made new re make video(s). The Bunker video and the resurrection video. They have taken the exact same message and put it into video(s). He states, "some of us may not see it" (remake video...Kevin) Same ole, same ole...wash, rinse, repeat.

    "Exert ourselves vigorously." He speaks of knocking at the door (ironic huh?) and it will not be opened to you. It seems they enjoy the fact that they can close that door on the "unrighteous." The arrogance and the self righteousness is incredible! I can't imagine having the same attitude towards family members and close friends..."oh well...you had your chance, so sorry." He even speaks of Jesus having this exact same attitude.

    I'm sorry friends, I will choose to take a permanent "dirt nap" then spending eternity with these nutters. How cold and unbelievably unfeeling these people are. I am embarrassed and ashamed that my parents ever fell for this and dragged their children along with them. What were they thinking?

    How could we have not seen this our whole lives?

    They have "repackaged" the fear and made an entire convention geared around loyalty to Jehovah.

    As the Lawyer for Candace Conti (Rick Simons) stated, "if ever there was a group the needs the sun to shine on them and their practices, it's this one (Jehovahs Witnesses)." If there is a God above, how I pray the sun will shine soon.

  • stuckinarut2

    Well said toesup!!

    Well said indeed.

    It is the same old same old...just repackaged for a new generation! (sorry, for an overlapping yet same generation)

  • smiddy

    I remember this talk , however looking back now ,

    1 . This is the second time JW`s set a date for the end of 6000 years of human history .The first time they said 6000 years of human history ended was towards the end of the 1800`s

    2 . Jesus Christ was King of the Jews at his crucifiction .

    Jesus Christ was enthroned as King invisibly in 1914 .

    This video suggests that Jesus Christ would start his Kingdom rule of a thousand years after / during the expected happenings of 1975

    3 . Do Jehovah`s Witnesses even have a clear understanding of what this all means ?

    4 . Jesus was a King in name only in 33 C.E.

    5. Jesus is a King in name only in 1914

    6 . Jesus is still waiting for his Kingship of a thousand years to begin ? !

  • Ucantnome

    A short while ago I had an elder from the local congregation of JW stop round at our house, he came in and we had a chat. The conversation came around to 1975 and he explained to me something along the lines of that some of the brothers and sisters had made too much of 1975 and their expectations and it was nothing to do with the Society and some thought they could borrow money and not pay it back etc. I offered to show him somethings regarding what was in print in the Watchtower and other publications regarding 1975 and how it relates to the Divine Plan of the ages, but he wasn't interested and left fairly quick. I don't think he had been born by 1975 and if he had been, he was a small child and not a witness at the time whereas I was.

    I find that it is this sort of behaviour that is most annoying and not what was said at the time.

    In the last day or so a photograph has emerged which shows my father in the very early 70's with his siblings they are smiling and having a drink. We believe that this is the evening where he gave away what would have been part of our inheritance. He/we would never need it. This wasn't because he was some spiritually weak person in the congregation, he had been a baptised JW for some years and served as a servant before the elder arrangement and then became an elder. He and my mother wanted to simplify their lives so as to have a greater share in the preaching and raising us with a view to pioneering which we later did. He was a man with faith, it wasn't for some personal gain that he simplified our lives and we lived on less and he gave away our part of our inheritance but it was to make use of the available remaining time to help in the preaching. Here are just a couple of quotes on faith.

    Watchtower September 1st 1969 page 532.

    'Jehovah has made many promises of things yet to occur, One may hope that such things will come to pass, but such expression may only be a whimsical wish, not real faith. Faith is more than just an expectation. It is expectation that is assured to such a degree that it is able to support , uphold and guarantee that what is hoped for will become a reality. This is the meaning of hypostasis, a word common in ancient papyrus business documents in reference to guarantees placed on the transactions.
    ...Substantially the words [hy.po’sta.sis and e’leg.khos] mean that faith gives to things future, which as yet are only hoped for, all the reality of actual present existence,; and irresistibly convinces us of the reality of things unseen and brings us into their presence.” The Expositor’s Greek Testament, Vol.IV page 352.
    Watchtower July 15th 1961 page 423
    ‘And since faith is also “the assured expectation of things hoped for,” it follows that we must also have knowledge of what are the things we may and should hope for. Again, God’s Word provides us with the needed knowledge. It assures us that paradisiac conditions will be restored to this earth, and that on a world-wide scale, and that this restoration work can be expected to begin within the present generation.’

    Now my father is dead and Armageddon didn't come in the 70's and so are his siblings that generation of the family passed away as did his father my grandfather who fought France in the First World War and that is why I'm irritated when someone who wasn't in the 1970's there tries to tell me how it was.

    I am reminded of the scripture in the NWT Romans 11:11

    'For the Scripture says: None that rests his faith on him wil be disappointed."

    I think my father felt some disappointment phoning me up whilst he lay dying in his bed still talking of Armageddon in his lifetime.

  • disillusioned 2
    disillusioned 2

    This is the prime reason I left. 1975. I got so fed up when I was in that every time I brought it up, people would deny that the society had ever put it in print and that it was just certain ones who got carried away! My husband who wasn't a witness at that time (his mum was) always said it was just a few in our congregation that said it! Nowhere else. I would get annoyed with him and anyone else who denied it.

    1975 had a big impact on my life. I left school at age 15 with no qualifications whatsoever, because I believed 1975 was the year Armaggedon was going to happen. Later when I managed to get a job as a typist in a bank, (after going on a course to learn to type) I withdrew from paying into the pension scheme because I wouldn't need it because I wasn't going to get old! I am now 60. They all still deny it and I am still mad for what affect it had on me and thousands of others.

    Now a new generation of young people are being coerced into believing this rubbish. I still have a lot of family in but thankfully all of my children are out. Unfortunately not my husband, which causes a lot of problems.

    Sourgrapes I too feel very bitter about the whole thing and feel I wasted many years of my life on this falsehood.

  • alanv

    Many on here have already heard that recording, but also new ones join this site all the time so good to let them hear it as well. Very damning video for JWs.

  • biblexaminer

    I had a fellow JW and his family for dinner not long ago. He's serving as an elder. His kids are doing marvy things for the great Wizards Of Org. They brought up about opposers and we said little to nothing. They got on how "opposers" harp on 1975 and how 'it's all made up ....the Society never said anything about 75'

    It was just then when I had had enough.

    I asked my elder 'friend'... "have you ever done a search on the WT CDrom for 1975 to read what was said?"

    I got a blank stare from the whole family.

    I added, "... just open the CDrom and enter 1-9-7-5 and hit "search"...?"

    Still the blank stare.

    They had nothing to say. It's remarkable, cognitive dissonance. You can lead a horse to water...

  • Finkelstein

    It should be obvious that the WTS teachings were devised to attract attention to its publications and exploiting the basic believably of the bible .

    The fear and false biblical teachings by this organization has gone on since the late 1800's.

    It goes to show what conniving bullshit (fear mongering) put into print can do.

  • ToesUp

    "I got a blank stare from the whole family."

    We have done similar things with our family. We get the same blank stares and no comments. It is amazing to watch. Now you can see why there are certain personalities that remain in this cult. There are still snake oil salesmen in this world and still those who buy and believe in their products. These ones can not cross over to any reasoning whatsoever. Frustrating but amusing to watch sometimes.

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