WMSCOG - Another cult à la Watchtower

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  • Sanchy

    Was reading up on the World Mission Society Church of God, or WMSCOG for short, a South Korean Church founded in the early 60s by Ahn Sahn-hong. The church has a million+ members in over 100 countries. They believe in God the Father (Jehovah) and a God the Mother, whom they claim to be a living South Korean woman named Jan Gil-ja.

    Like Watchtower, they claim to be the only church to have true understanding and interpretation of the bible. Other similarities include:

    -They claim to have restored the truths of the Early Church

    -No Christmas / Easter celebration

    -Encourages it's members to preach door to door and in public spaces

    -They offer bible studies

    -No idols, including crosses, statues or even stained glass

    -Has hinted at possible dates for the end of the world various times

    While watching some of their propaganda videos, I found this one that attempts to discredit their ex-member community as a hateful Pharisee-like bunch, driven by emotion to speak lies against God's servants, as they claim has always happened throughout history. I found it interesting how similar their tone and logic is to Watchtower's. Substitute their use of the word "Church" with "Congregation" and you can almost say this is a video from JW.org


  • sir82

    There are many groups with such similar teachings as JWs.

    I always wonder if these churches were started by someone who once studied with JWs, but was too wacko even for them, and so split off and formed their own group.

  • pale.emperor

    Im familiar with these nuts. I've seen some of their propaganda cartoons as well. There's one entitled "Cult Experts Break Up Families" in which they make out that "see, we HAVE to shun you, because you're trying to take me away from this church".

  • Londo111


    Going through Wikipedia, the founder was a Seventh Day Adventist, then broke off from that. So this is yet another distant cousin of JWs.

  • Crazyguy

    Wonder if this church is related to the moonies?

  • Londo111

    Reading about them, they are unrelated. Of course, there are similarities.

    This group had a phenomenal growth rate. They must be the true religion!

  • EverApostate

    In my opinion, they are far better than Watchtower because they serve the Community, outside their religion. (If the accounts in this Video are true!!)

  • Londo111

    They may, but you can never take a cult at their word.

    Things are never what they seem...

  • Island Man
    Island Man

    This is great information to have. It can be used to our advantage when unwitnessing to JWs. This church can be used to mirror some of the cult aspects of JWs right back at them. For example, you could pretend to be the friend of an ex-WMSCOG member who is being shunned by his family and ask the JWs if they think it's right what the WMSCOG is doing by telling its members to shun former members. It's a great way to criticize Watchtower practices and get a JW to think about it by pointing the finger at another cult that engages in the same practices.

    It might be useful to learn about all the negative aspects of WMSCOG that are similar to Watchtower.

  • EverApostate
    @Londo111You are right . Cults will do anything for their growth.

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