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  • pepperheart

    The next time we hear about cuts that the watchtower are making and some people say

    "oh they are a multinational group and far to big to fail

    Well so were lehman brothers and the royal bank of scotland

  • Giordano

    Pepperheart a good point. Nothing is impossible when it comes to faulty thinking, the bigger you are the harder the fall. Dishonesty and foolish beliefs/practices. Christian Scientists and the Shakers built in their own doom as a functioning religions. As has the JW's.

    Scientology is no longer the powerhouse of new wave religions so too the Moonies. What did they have in common........... their financial interests and a high level of control. Tommy Cruise guys..... is getting older...........

    If you are reckless with your followers in this new age of the internet you hand them reasons to leave. It's like bright lights going off that shed enough light to see into the darkest corners of various high control religions.

    I have a shopping list of junk religions and the JW's are right up there....maybe number one. They actually have beliefs that kill people.

    In my opinion they will unravel like the Christian Scientist. Have you killed enough people with your anti medicine doctrines? Your so right........ a need for life saving medical treatment........ it's just all in your minds.

    The WTBTS is a 19th century religion that was reckless with it's followers from the beginning.. They over thought everything and lost their humanity......... unlike the Mormons who are an equally dumb ass religion.....belief wise the Mormons humanized their structure and are doing pretty well.They have found a way to make a dumb religion meaningful for it's followers by, and of all things, promoting education and large families and business.

    They are not reckless and uninformed about medical procedures and treatments.

    You can be a part of government.

    They count everyone who was born a Mormon as still in even even if they have left. So they can claim 18 million Mormons even if they have disassociated themselves. Its a fat and funky religion as opposed to the JW's who are lean and mean. No real nourishment with the JW's but unlike the Mormons they don't compensate with benefits.

    Mormons were expected to have large family's, they have 4 or five universities of higher learning. They field political candidates. They limit field service to two years. And by god they even have retirement and assisted living facilities. And JW's have little or nothing.

    Many reasonably successful religions play the long game. The JW's play the short game. Little children are worthless to them, higher education is worthless, developing a strong business is not their policy. What do they do with old age........ they ignore it.The WTBTS gets on your back and crawls between your legs to monitor your behavior. That are making sure every one is on the same page even if the words are blurry.

  • LV101

    Giordano - I agree re/Mormans. They have crazy belief system but at least the women have fun socializing while enjoying activities - crafts, sewing, all kinds of various specialty items (beautiful crafts/arts) that they sell at bazaars, to high end decor stores, etc., for their own profit. They are also involved in various reputable secular charitable organizations. Society at least respects the Mormans.

    Their belief system doesn't kill their adherents - that's huge! They do have ludicrous belief system but I know so many happy, thriving, functioning, Mormans. Decades ago they provided great recreational activities for their children. Teens had dances -- they sponsor fun Halloween activities - Xmas is a big deal which i think is wonderful for kids of all ages. I'm sure they always have fun events going on for their children/teens/young adults.

    Sorry, Pepperheart - I derailed per your topic but even when the cult started selling off assets and cutbacks I was told they're only retooling/restructuring in the digital age and it made sense. I'm sure they're still on the same page.

  • Fred Franztone
    Fred Franztone

    Even if the organisation collapsed financially, the religion itself would survive, in fact if anything it would force many members to double-down on their beliefs; they'd see it as a sign that the end is super-close. Time would pass, and the organisation would re-emerge in a new form. People don't just throw away their faith when a company goes bust, unfortunately.

  • pepperheart


    the thing that finally convinced me that the watchtower is crumbling is the fact that they are selling off 3,000 propertys off around the world.why should they do that,dont they want people to go to a kingdom hall?


    As the watchtower needs more money they will sell more kingdom halls off and become a online cult

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