the 2 witnesses of revelation born in egypt

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    eat your heart out JCanon....

    Heads up: Egyptian twins Huda, top, and Manal Abdel Nasser Mohammed Mahmoud, in their incubator at the neo-natal surgical intensive care unit in Abu el-Reesh hospital in Cairo. Photo: AP
    Egyptian mommy gives birth to two-headed girl

    June 13 2003 at 02:21PM

    Cairo - A 26-year old woman from a village in upper Egypt has given birth to a health baby girl with two heads, the Cairo daily Al-Akhbar reported on Friday.

    The baby can move both heads, according to the newspaper, which also published a photo of the child.

    The baby was delivered by Caesarean section in a hospital in Assiut after an uncomplicated nine-month pregnancy. The baby was then brought to a specialist clinic in Cairo "to carry out further tests and to establish how to manage this unusual case". - Sapa-DPA

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