Well, the power is back on....

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  • Inquiry

    For now anyways... it was out here for about 20 hours...

    They're going to do rolling blackouts so the power can be distributed around the entire affected area... This truly sucks.. power outs are not only boring as heck, they are expensive too.... as in all the food in the fridge spoiling.. I did pretty good though... bought bags of ice and packed the fridge and freezer with them.. but it's $2.50 a bloody bag!!!! (What's that... $1 US? lol

    We don't have a water problem where I live as of yet...thank goodness for generators... but they are passing bylaws in areas close to lake Huron not to water the lawns...and enforcing water restrictions... I hope this doesn't get worse! I can't imagine why someone would water their lawns this weekend... we've got thunderstorm warnings in the area...

    Well, I don't have much more time with power until it goes out again... so I better make this short...

    Toodles for now


  • Double Edge
    Double Edge

    We went through rolling blackouts last summer here in California (thank you soon-to-be-jobless Governor Davis) ... no big deal, just a minor inconvenience... in fact, got to leave work early

  • ballistic

    The whole thing seems incredible to me. I only found out about them this afternoon. To think such a large area could be affected and in a country such as the US. Absolutely astonishing. I guess I have some posts to read - or are they notable by their abscence?

  • Inquiry

    Hi DoubleEdge and Ballistic....

    well, most folks had friday off... no power here until past 12pm... but it messed with everyone's weekend plans... the Premier declared a state of emergency for the province and people were told not to travel... they had some looting and problems with youth in Ottawa and Toronto... funny.... Ottawa was worse than Toronto... all those spoiled brats of political leaders I suppose... lol....

    They said that a cascade failure of the grid happened... They had a similar problem in 65 and thought that they had corrected it.. but.. the basis of the system is still the same... I think a major overhaul will be suggested, and then completely ignored... again... it would cost tons to do it... not to mention that Ontario has a freeze on hydro prices till 2006.. no one is going to put money in if they can't get a return on it.. so if they do really fix it this time...it will end up costing us consumers big time...as usual...we're already paying off the cost of purchase of the provincial facility... it's called debt retirement charge... figures eh... a company buys a facility and makes the consumer pay for it... pretty saavy kiss on the premier's butt I'd say...but, I digress...

    toodles for now


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