jehovahs witnesses base ALL teachings on the bible - false part 1

by Kevin McFree 6 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • Kevin McFree
  • freddo

    So true. As an ex-elder I can confirm having discussions about what constituted "all night" in counting as porneia terms!

  • Ireneus

    When an Elder or Ministerial Servant moves into Bethel (which is of course a sign further progress in the path of spirituality), he automatically ceases to be an Elder or Ministerial Servant. He may or may not be appointed again only when CO visits Bethel congregation. This has no scriptural precedence, it was their own invention.

    Making an already appointed Elder into a high-profile Elder with another title Bethel Elder was another unscriptural practice they started.

    But fortunately, they later discontinued such practices.

    But the question is: Why should such things which only fans one's egotism arise in the first place only to be discarded after practising them for decades?

  • days of future passed
    days of future passed

    A lot of these rules are about keeping men in the organization or protecting them.

    Homosexual acts don't constitute adultery and neither does bestiality.

    Unfortunately for the wife, she could end up with diseases from her husband shagging a sheep. There must have been enough of that going on for them to write about it.

  • fastJehu

    @ Kevin

    Thanks for this Dubtown Video.

    You described the "all night rule" so well - that everyone understands the bullshit behind it.

    I especially like your transformation of the Bible text from "Adam and Eve" into "Adam and Steve" :-)

  • Amelia Ashton
    Amelia Ashton

    Homosexuality has gone from being punishable by death to don't tell the wife as it's not adultery!

  • Bad_Wolf

    If cherry picking phrases and doing tons of mental gymnastics to support anything they can think of counts as that.

    For example the current shun all who leave policy for the rest of their lives.

    They take a scripture talking about not calling a brother a person who was bragging about Jesus sacrifice being so great that he is F#$$ his stepmother and still one of them. But then he stops and is sorry and they should take him back. Then taking a scripture talking about if somebody knocks on their door to preach to them about Jesus not having returned or having been true to not let them in for discussion. With many 'evidentlies', all of that equates to "If your mother, father, son, anybody disagrees with our interpretation of the bible and does not believe that God speaks directly to us alone and his commandments can only be understood through us alone, then you must shun them for the rest of their lives, not even looking for an excuse to email them, or God will kill you forever at Armageddon"

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