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  • Walrus

    So I grew up around this religion and never liked it. nothing ever made sense and nobody ever clarified anything if i asked them a question. I'm 17 right now so you'd figure oh only one more year until you can leave. not exactly. One of my best friends was also raised in this religion but is planning on leaving too, as well as a bunch of other friends in different congregations. I've been asked if i belong to a religion by some people and always either said no or im an athiest. Because lets face it, jehovahs witnesses are just a bunch of hypocritical, witless, numbfucks who believe anything they read or hear.

    Nothing ever made sense to me like why cant we listen to certain types of music, or watch certain movies, or anytihing of that sort. before you go rushing to say that its better for me to sty in this cult, let me tell you, it is NOT. i hate this religion so much, personally i feel like growing up as a witness kid, your social life is stunted, your life experience is stunted, pretty much experiencing what life is like is stunted. My mom was a very strict parent so naturally, Im a very sneaky kid who can lie on the spot, memorize loud parts of the floor, always have a solid alibi, and get away with whatever i want. Im getting off track but what im tying to say is i grew up in a very sheltered environment, i wasnt even able to hang out with friends from school because they werent witnesses.

    Because of this ive gotten very good at hiding pretty much everything, got involved with bad people, drugs, probably everything you could think of. All that because i wanted to just have a taste of what was never given to me. Youre probably thinking "What a lazy brat" and if you are then i will kindly ask you to fuck off about now because whatever your view on gen z, ive worked for just about everything around me and worked for my brothers in construction since i was 13 years old. but long story short my mom and step dad basically forced their religion down my throat my entire life and now im being forced to quit pretty much what keeps me together at this point in my life which is racing motocross because its "too competitive". i see this as some bullshit because one of my friends was telling me about what happened at some supposed to be friendly witness baseball game. (this friend is a MLB prodigy for the dodgers) and from what hes told me, witnesses are assholes when it comes to competition. i split my eyelid open playing basketball with witnesses before and can say that they are worse than normal people

    anyway i just came here to rant about that and ask anyone how they told their parents that they wanted to leave this religion. thanks

  • Biahi

    You are completely correct, this religion is 💩. I hope you aren’t baptized, makes it easier if you aren’t. Please do all you can to get educated so you can make a decent living for yourself, the witnesses hate that. There is a saying here that “Living well is the best revenge.” Stay away from drugs and alcohol, and focus on a good future away from the cult. You have friends here. Ask us anything.

  • pistolpete

    anyway i just came here to rant about that and ask anyone how they told their parents that they wanted to leave this religion. thanks

    I didn't tell my parents anything. I just left at around 18, got several part times jobs that paid shit but kept food on the table and rent money. I lived in a shitty apartment for around 6 years, went to school during this time, Slept about 4 hours every day for about 6 years. Didn't get involved with girls, hobbies, or friends, during this time because I needed to focus on finishing school and getting a better job. If you get involved with girls, drugs, alcohol, ect, you will delay your education and might wind up a loser and with nothing or very little by the time you hit 40.

    I also cut of all jws friends at 18 and never looked back. I was focus on school. In the meantime I lucked out and got a plumbing job. I started digging ditches and unclogging toilets full of shit, The boss saw I was a hard worker and always on time on the job and never said no to nasty jobs. He started teaching me how to weld, electrical, and some construction.

    10 years later I got my plumber's master license, my degree, and started my own plumbing business. Today I got my own family a house paid for, enough money to retire if I wanted and I'm not even 40 yet.

    If you want to be successful you first need to cut off all Jehovah related stuff, meaning all jw friends and acquaintances. Stay away from them, they just mess up your future. Also no PIMO shit just to keep communication with family, as it just slows your progress. If your family is wiling to cut you off for not following their religion, then find another family and don't look back

    The only other thing not jw related that can mess up your life is a Bad woman, drugs, alcohol. and committing a crime and you wind up in jail or prison for several years.

    Good luck, and remember, no one is coming to your rescue, you are on your own. So you got to focus on yourself and get good at something and educated, now that you are young and can work like hell and need very little sleep. You need to decide what you want to do with your life,NOW------either have your own business, or be a doctor, a lawyer, an engineer, or whatever. But you need to start as soon as you are 18 or you will waste precious time.

  • Overrated

    Pistolpete sum it up well. I got out late in life and made many mistakes. If you can get out and educated and then a good job you have it made.

  • Willie647

    Pistolpete’s story could be mine except I’m a Electrician. I left at 18 and ten years later was a Master Electrician ,licensed and in business. By 45 I had reached my goals and lived in a beach community ,on the water with all the toys. Cars, motorcycles ,boats and jet skis, pool, trucks and a paid for home. I’m 65 now and not doing electrical anymore but I am building houses. I just bought a new 40k insulation machine and going to start a business with that. Still have all the toys I want and more than I can use. After you learn how to be successful it’s hard to quit. Haven’t seen any family in 40 years but they are still in from what I’ve heard. I’m married- 40+ years and happy. I’m telling these things for the young ones who like me are getting ready to escape. You will have almost no social skills and will have to work hard but it can be done. Living well is the best revenge!

  • RickJones

    Parents sometimes push religion like the JWS onto their children as a means of direction and guidance, maybe for themselves as well, I think it pays to realize and accept that .

    If you leave walk away quietly and respectfully, it will pay off down the road.

    I left in my early 20's and never returned to the JWS, I found that you can attain personal guidance and direction outside of religious association with secular knowledge and education perhaps to a better state for its more basked in reality, rather than fear, ignorance and superstition.

  • smiddy3

    good advice from people who have been there done that .Do not underestimate having a good ( higher ) education that JW`s frown upon.

    It can set you up for life ,living in style and comfort if you put the effort in .

    Don`t waste your youthful years in a cult.

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