J.H. Paton

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  • Judgerussellford

    I've been silently fading away for almost 3 years now, me my wife and parents. but i love the history of the religion i grew up in. our past doesn't define us, but it helps shape us into the people we are today. even though i will not go back, i don't regret my years with the organization. that being said, ive been collecting for about 2 years and have almost a complete library spanning as far back as with brother Storrs. im only missing a handful of items that i can pick up here and there with time and have reproductions made with templates and files that i have saved. but by far the hardest thing to find for me, is brother Paton's "the worlds hope" magazine. its almost like it has never existed. is there anybody that can help in my quest to have the most complete watchtower library in existence, and find some of the rarest pieces known?

  • Atlantis


    Sure, no problem! I'll contact you shortly! (The World's Hope) John H. Paton.


  • vienne

    Dear Judger,

    Have you read the Separate Identity series? Vol. one has a biography of Paton.

    Click the links on the left side of the page: https://truthhistory.blogspot.com/

  • Judgerussellford

    Thanks Atlantis! ND Vienne, no I haven't. I will be checking that out along with some of those other articles on that link. I have resonated more with Paton in my studies because of his humility and demeanor so it will definitely be worth the read.. I had no idea that Barbour held a convention, and can now figure out who Bill arp was. I have a copy of the joy slip I found in an old watchtower when I was flipping through it. I want to say its original second version but I can't be sure.

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