How the Org Shows/Teaches "Charity"

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  • The Searcher
    The Searcher

    From the latest Watchtower, May 2017, page 6, paragraph 15 - "More than material assistance, refugees need spiritual and emotional support."

    That makes sense doesn't it! Isn't that what the Good Samaritan did, he preached to the injured man who was in dire need of physical assistance? (in other words, the org needs your material assistance. Don't waste it on destitute refugees - or anyone else for that matter!)

  • zeb

    as im anon I can reveal that I supported Medicins san Frontieres for some time. My little donations helped cure many people from Cholera, provided field med kits etc.

    Its interesting they see the need for 'emotional support' in cases of dire need perhaps they might extend that to victims of sex attacks in the wt ranks now.

  • tepidpoultry

    That's a great organization zeb

    Keep up the good work!


  • WTWizard

    Bad enough they have the refugee problem at all. But, the washtowel is exploiting the situation for their own gains. They always do this whenever there is a problem--whether it be a disaster, a problem with government, a disease epidemic, or whatever. Christi-SCAM-ity is always quick to exploit these issues, and then the disaster victims will have two problems. The original one, and the xian one.

    And for what? A good number of those refugees are muslims, and they will never become jokehovians. That means most of the efforts are going to simply be wasted. And, if they do become jokehovians, they will go from one very bad religion to one that is even worse. What little in the way of possessions will be thrown away into the washtowel--and that assumes they don't go on a rampage at the boasting sessions. And they will simply be wasting what little time and energy they have in preaching the Kingdumb message instead of perhaps improving their own lives, so those who would have sought out of the foul islam program will, instead of improving their lives, will be even worse off (and that goes for those refugees that are not muslims, too).

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