Christendom's clergy stop the presses

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  • shotgun

    I was thinking of this last night and realized the events which unfolded yesterday in the U.S especially if the presses stopped as xjw and Scully think happened:

    xjw_b12 writes:

    I know it is only temporary, but finally the presses in Brooklyn are silent. Another blessing from Yahweh.

    It would have been so cool to get a recording of the presses falling silent. MP3 anyone??

    Love, Scully

    Twenty years from now if the Org is still around and printing they will turn yesterday into fullfillment of some prophecy concerning themselves. It will be Satans attack to stop the worldwide preaching work but thanks to Jah intervention the presses were back up and running...whew...close call......

    Maybe they can release Isaiah book part three and squeeze it in there.....Turn it into a blockbuster movie...MJ and Prince can produce the soundtrack..Starring the new crossover actresses the Williams sisters. Directed by the 144000 who will now all be in heaven...big boomimg voice from the sky yells............... cut... lets take that one again from the top brothers annnnnd action...........

    Any ideas from the distinquished forum which prophecy they could try to make it fit into. Maybe the 1260, 1290 or 1335 day ones spoken of in the Daniel book surely there must have been some outstanding article released on one of those days before Aug 14 2003 which heralded something.

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  • bluesapphire

    Too funny! Keep em cummin'

    I wish I could add to this but I'd probably kill it so this is a gentle bttt!

  • SYN

    It's ironic that to keep the supposedly all-important preaching work moving, Brooklyn (and all other Watchtower printing facilities) relies on electricity provided by Satan.

    Hey, who else built the power stations? It certainly wasn't the SOCIETY!

  • shotgun

    Come on people you must have some ideas for this blockbuster.................

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