Awesome Article From An Old Friend Of Ours

by freemindfade 3 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • freemindfade

    and a good friend of mine.

    I know for exjw-political reasons this link won't work on here, but its worth copying and pasting to read. Enjoy!

  • Tornintwo

    Just watched his videos on the bunkers and the shunning and thought they were spot on and funny too!

    I really can't believe thosse bunker videos, absolutely ridiculous!! don't have coffee with your workmates, don't look at non pornographic internet sites, don't THINK the wrong thing, and if you are already pioneering it isn't enough, sell everything and become missionaries instead! wooah this is pushing the boundaries, added to the bad, slow mo acting and the idea that the whole world will be searching for a few people of an insignificant religion as society collapses. Will anyone be able to keep a straight face watching this stuff?

  • slimboyfat

    I watched the shunning one it was pretty good.

  • sparrowdown

    Yeah, the worst convention videos have been excellent. Also Kim and Mikey have an interview with an ex-elder worth checking out

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