Relative going full retard

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  • biometrics

    A relative has gone full-retard with on Facebook. EVERY post is something to do with going to bethel or pioneering overseas.

    The catalyst for this full-retard behavior seems to be a recent marriage breakdown (both JW's). And the fact he was caught trying to embezzle an elderly relative's live savings.

    The relative he was trying to embezzle from is also a JW. So I suspect the full-retard behaviour is to try and get some brownie points with them. Or as my sister says he is "playing the God card".

    How do you help a full-retard JW?

  • Crazyguy
    Well you could ask stupid questions like, I heard that bethel is laying off most of it's staff and I heard that pioneering over seas or special pioneers are also being let go? Do you plan on doing this all with only your own money and no help from the Org,? Since it sounds like their not going to help anymore.

    Relative going full retard


  • biometrics
    He sold ALL his earthy possessions (including those he brought with embezzled funds), and is using these to fund his overseas pioneering trip.
  • zeb
    Over seas. Hawaii,Samoa, Noumea, Fiji, then he can 'surf' where the need is greatest perhaps?
  • biometrics
    I once knew a brother who counted hours while surfing. He'd talk to surfers about 'The Truth'. Lucky he was a well built/fit guy. I don't think the 'worldly' surfers appreciated it.
  • why144000
    Surfing where the greed is great, perhaps
  • Clambake

    I find it odd the Jehovah Witnesses I know don't have any trace of even being on a JW on their FB pages.

    Man, the ones who go full retard with it.................LOL. Watch out

  • skin

    I find it odd the Jehovah Witnesses I know don't have any trace of even being on a JW on their FB pages.

    Thats me, I want nothing to link me with JW on facebook. only a very small % of my facebook friends are JWs. Almost all JWs I know that post stuff on Facebook are odd within themselves and in most case's they put more fear in the Governing Body than they do in Jehovah. Sad, but you can't help them.

  • possum
    Maybe going "wife shopping". Much easier to control a dependant/complaint third world wife.

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