International Convention this year in St. Louis.......missed opportunity for protesters!

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  • krismalone

    I attended the International Convention this year (to avoid chaos in family life). The Convention center was right on the middle of downtown St. Louis. The cult members had to stand in line on the public sidewalk before entering the arena. This meant that the JW's could not avoid but listen to what activist were saying while waiting in line.

    There were 2 gentlemen each one in different entrances with their megaphones and signs. Once we entered the arena after being searched and screened the JW attendants, the jw's would immediately start asking each other "what was that guy saying?" "What did that sign say," Others would laugh and say the activist were crazy or APOSTATE others would laugh nervously. This happened all 3 days!!

    The point I'm making here is JW's DO LISTEN and are INTERESTED in what an activist says even if he's rambling. On average, I would say that each attendee had to wait in line outside for 10-15 minutes before entering! Since the protesters were in a public sidewalk there was no way the JW's could avoid not listening.

    The protesters were just rambling on and on about many subjects. None of them had a sign with (unfortunately). The signs they held said "all JW's willl go to hell unless they accept Jesus". I feel this was a wasted golden opportunity to wake many up or to wet their appetite to start researching the cult.

    What would've been efficient?

    * Have a sign that said instead of "Jesus saves" or "you're going to hell". These are turn offs to witnesses.

    * instead of rambling on and on, use short sweet factual sentences and repeat them 3-4 times before going to the next short and sweet sentence.. Example:

    "The Governing Body protects pedophiles".

    "The Australian Royal Commission found more than 1000 cases of child sexual abuse in the organization and none were reported to the police".

    "The Governing body teaches that Jesus is not your mediator. Research to verify.

    "The organization predicted the end for 1914, 1915, 1918, 1920, 1925, 1941, 1975 and 2000. Research to verify."

    "The Governing Body is paying millions in lawsuits for covering up child abuse. They lost 35 million in Montana and paid 13.5 million in California to Jose Lopez".

    The key here is to use short sentences and repeat them 3-4 times. Too bad these protesters were inefficient. They wasted the opportunity to have literally 10-15 minutes of JW's at their mercy and no where to run but the protesters were not prepared properly.

    What a shame! Mighty Casey has struck out!

    PS: I am against rude and aggressive activists. However the protesters in St. Louis blew the chance of a lifetime to reach the ears of literally thousands without the need of being rude, aggressive or nasty. A simple and repeated message would've made an impact.

  • smiddy3

    It sounds to me more like the protesters were not exJW`s ,that they would more likely be of other christian faiths .

    However as you said it would have been an ideal situation for ex JW`s to have signs like the Melbourne Convention.

    Maybe there aren`t too many exJW`s in St.Louis

  • Crazyguy2

    It’s really sad how activists and Christians that are trying to convert never stop and think about what their going to say and what their signs are going to read. One need to put themselves into a jw mind and think what will work. Not ramblings or a bunch of apostate points but a single clear message concerning one subject. Stay on point and hammer it home.

  • princecharmant

    What's the point about picketing? I don't just get it. If the internet won't change them, a few bill boards won't do. My opinion, of course.

  • waton

    km: they should be, because much of the gospels were about a 6 day protest that "Jesus" staged at the jerusalem international passover convention in 33 CE, complete with turning over tables, freeing animals ( may be secretly advocating the John t B diet of insects and honey?) .

    They are in a protest-[ant] religion. they used to do it in front of churches themselves!

    Good points: Missoura is the "Show me state" like the independent thinker from Independence MO, another famous clothier, -no, - not Russel-, Harry Truman.


    Probably Westboro Baptist Church types.. possibly worse than the Dubs...

    DD 🤪

  • SnakesInTheTower

    I drove by the site in St. Louis. I did not see protesters, but the could have been at the main entrance, which is just off the main road (Broadway). I agree, JWFACTS would be short and sweet. Bored dubs would look it up while sitting around.

    Once, outside the Jai lai (sp?) stadium in Florida during a JW convention, a guy was handing out leaflets in the morning on the road to the parking lot. All the dubs rolled up their windows as they drove by. Too bad, the deli coupons he handed out were a good tasty deal. I stopped and told the guy he needed a sign. He had more takers the next day.


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