What's your passion???

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  • Clearview

    I'm glad you have a passion for singing, its a great mood lifter and I love hearing a beautiful voice. My favorite music to listen to is female vocal trance. While that might not sound like a good choice for someone who appreciates great singing, there are actually some very talented singers in that genre of music and many of the songs have a lot of emotion in them.

    My passion personally is old cars and motorcycles, hot rods, and 50's and 60's style and culture. I have a 1964 Chevy Impala which is my car I drive every day, I've had it since I was 17, and a 1955 Chevy pickup. I restored both cars myself. I have rebuilt and customized three 60's style motorcycles, one I kept, one for a friend, and one I sold. It's kinda like creating art that can take you places.

    Anytime I'm feeling really down and out I can get in my car or on my bike and just drive for a while. It always makes me feel at least a little better :)

  • kairos

    After exiting the JWs I took my trombone playing to the professional level.
    I rehearse every week with multiple groups and get paid to perform!

    Dream come true.

  • smiddy

    Welcome FaD,

    That`s a good topic , my niece is/was a talented musician , playing the Violin and the Piano , and was encouraged by her school teacher to pursue it as a career , and she had the opportunity to do so .

    She was discouraged by the JW religion , married a DH ,witness ,now with 2 teenage sons , and beleive the Elders are now REALLY preparing JW`s for the GT.

    It`s just so sad.and a wasted talent.

    I still haven`t discovered what my passion is , I`ll probably be on my deathbed and then realise it too late.

    Such is life


  • Heaven


  • Gargamel

    In recent years I have become passionate about writing. It's not new as it was always part of me, but it became buried under years of difficult life events.

    It was re-triggered a couple of years ago. Like many former JWs, I didn't receive the education that I desired and deserved, I would have done very well academically, but I was 15 in 1972, three years before the system was going to crash down around us. In those days you could still leave school at 15 in the UK, so I did. I was top of the class in German and Spanish, and very close to it in English. Even my maths was in the top 10 per cent.

    I went back to school for evening classes (in my late fifties) to study for maths and English GCSEs (the exams that 16 year olds take). Let's just say that even after forty years without any schooling, I clearly undersold myself.

    So now I write when I'm not too tired. I'm not bothered about it being commercially viable - just as well really! I just enjoy doing it.

    I'll probably go down the self-publishing on Kindle route eventually, but I don't hold out any realistic hopes of making a living from it.

    I enjoy trying my hand at playing with poetry. Creativity has been stifled of late by fatigue. When that happens, I just critique other people's work as it's all part of the learning curve.

    Most of all - IT'S FUN!

  • polish clarinet
    polish clarinet

    I'm playing in one of the best wind orchestras of my country. Although it is not my job, we work very hard to play together (we are almotst 70). The level is high but very motivating.

    But there is one problem : playing with those worldy moralityless people is not understood by the cong. How can someone both serve Jehovah and have fun playing music with worldy persons??? For them, it will remain a mystery...

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