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  • Hellothere

    So any news abouth how it went with the return to Kingdom Hall they started beginning of April? Some Facebook friends put up photos hugging other JW's at the meetings. But after that it been very quiet about return to khs project. No photos or posting. Hopefully for them more then 60% are attending khs. Any numbers below that gonna be discouraging. They probably wish they gone oniine 100%.

  • road to nowhere
    road to nowhere

    It seems to be 60% here. I dont go though. There are comments about being where we belong, masks, all beyond the directions given. Still no in person studies, elder meetings, service. There is no rhyme or reason to all the rules. From what I hear, they still wipe everything with ( dirty) rags.

  • LV101

    The cult must be aiding the omicron outbreaks -- know many "vaccinated" people sick between here and San Diego. Forced contributions must be down knowing how much they care about their sheep.

    They use unsanitized "rags" -- oh my.

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