If the U.S. Has a Major Terrorist Threat As Claimed, Why NO ACTION Now?

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  • D8TA

    With this current “power crisis” in the United States, why isn’t there any “terrorist” groups exploiting the situation? With overwhelmed problems on so many various levels of public service (law enforcement, medical facilities, airports, transportation), why not strike now?

    Wow. I was led to believe by the U.S. media and the U.S government (from Pres. Bush and practically every fricken law enforcement agency) that the people of the United States were under an ongoing threat from “terrorists”. Even a few fool hardy IDIOTS who have 30 minutes to cause major mayhem….uh, didn’t and aren’t.

    Not to mention the various countries that at “any moment” will lay weapons of mass destruction upon the people and cities of the U.S., don’t seem to be taking advantage of this situation.

    I wonder why there is no news from Iraq, Liberia, and Afghanistan today?

    If there is this air of such confidence that the U.S. is now under a major terrorist threat….



    ANYONE ("terrorist group")





    Makes you think.

  • Double Edge
    Double Edge
    I wonder why there is no news from Iraq, Liberia, and Afghanistan today?

    There's news, just no power to retrieve it.

  • SixofNine

    Don't be down on the terrorist; these things have to be planned you know. It's not easy being evil these days!

  • moonwillow

    SSssshhhhhhh don't give them any ideas

  • KGB

    I don't know but I sometimes wonder if some of these threats are not made up just to make them look better like they have a reason or something...

  • rem

    Yeah. Bunch of lazy-asses.


  • reporter

    That's why I bought that shortwave radio for camping a couple of months ago. Comes in damn handy...

  • Amazing

    I am sure the radical Islamic terrorists, like Al Qaeda, would have taken advantage if they could have ... and they likely will in the future. The recent arrest of a weapons dealer in New Jersey is an example of the ongoing effort to stop terrorism ... but it is only as matter of time.

    What I don't understand is the seething hatred for our own President that some have, yet they have no haterd for those who wickedly murdered our own people on 9/11. Fascinating. - Jim W.

  • Gamaliel

    Thought about the same thing on July 4th as a million people gathered to watch hour-long Grucci fireworks shows along beaches and waterways around NYC. Seems like the ideal time to make a point with everyone already downwind from clouds of smoke.

    To your point about the blackout, so many terrorists movies and novels include a blackout as a diversion. Some people say that people tend to vote conservative during threats to stability, so I would expect the terror alert levels to stay very high no matter how real they are.


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