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  • StarTrekAngel

    My wife and I have been watching the tv show "The Path". We are caught up to the latest episode and we have began discussing the parallels (or the lack thereof) between the cult portrayed in the show and the JW. I've come up to her with some of my own and she's seen some as well. Would you help me trace some more that I may be overlooking?

    Here are some easy ones

    - What JW call 'apostates' are called 'deniers' in the show

    - Deniers are shunned and the default conclusion is that they hate the rest of the group

    - At least one of the cast members that represent the R&F was abused before they joined she joined the group. She sees a protective figure on the leader who is actually taking advantage of her (sexually), yet this seems to be ok with her. In other words, the abuse has not gone away, just replaced with a more "loving" form of abuse.

    - Their doctrine teaches of a bright future in a garden while the rest of the world would be somehow painfully destroyed.

    - They have books for kids as well as songs they use on family gatherings. They are instructed to listen to music from the 70 only because modern music is corrupting.

    - They have recruiting rallies on the street.

    - They are now investing in real state while seeking Tax exemption from the government

    - Their spiritual leader is dying (which their doctrine says should not happen) so the new leader is coming up with "new light" to explain the leaders absence.

    - The new leader is also coming up with further changes to the doctrine to make the group more attractive to newcomers. He also wrote the last books of their spiritual guidance since the former leader is dying without completing the work

    - They use a system of escalating prominence. The spiritual maturity is measured by a system of ladder rungs. The higher have scalated this ladder, the more involved you are, and the more involved you are, the more secrets you know

    - The people at the top allow each other to question or break the rules with impunity. They also seem to be keeping track of such missteps to be used as means of coherseing one another but without actual communication.

    - Lots of mystical manipulation

    - They teach that they do not involve themselves with world or local governments

    - The leaders have made mistakes that forces the whole movement to do things against their own teachings while keeping it secret from the R&F

    - They portray an apostate (or denier as they call it) finding hard to adapt to life outside the group

    If you watch the show and you can come up with any additional I would greatly appreciate it.


  • NikL

    I've been enjoying the show as well.

    I am almost done with the first season.

    I think the similarities between Meyerism and JWs are pretty standard across the board when dealing with cults.

    I guess that's why JWs are considered to be one.

  • ab.ortega

    They take advantage of people's vulnerability to gain them as members. (Such as the natural disaster in the introduction of the show. )

    Bible studies are usually those who have just been through something tragic in their life like a death in family, serious illness, even the vulnerable state of pregnancy.

  • maninthemiddle

    I see more parallels with Scientology, especially regarding the rungs.

    but yeah, Still plenty of things similar enough to the JWs to make me uncomfortable.

    Especially with the teenager was trying to defend the movement to his girlfriend.

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