Midnight Cry

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  • Jerryh

    I never was a Witness but need to learn for someone I love. I think I know what the teaching is in general about

    Matt 24 /25 concerning the slave wars earthquakes etc. but the midnight cry? Can anyone elaborate? Also what is

    the meeting schedule currently? What happens on what days? thanks

    This was an outstanding feature of the “sign” that Jesus foretold in his great prophecy. For the remnant, the time of that awakening was one of great joy, a joy like that of the five discreet, or wise, virgins awakened by the midnight cry: “Here is the bridegroom! Be on your way out to meet him.” (Matthew 25:1-6) That joyous awakening occurred in the spring of 1919,
  • dubstepped

    I did a podcast called This JW Life that you can listen to if you want one cohesive JW narrative. You can listen on my site at thisjwlife.com.

    Trying to jump in and out of answering every individual question and to explain all of their beliefs isn't something I'm interested in but others may be.

    JWfacts.com is a great resource too.

  • The Fall Guy
    The Fall Guy

    JerryH, as you are probably aware, many of us here have either left or are "fading" from what we now recognise is a cult.

    Perhaps you should reconsider your strategy by learning about the lies which J.W.'s are indoctrinated with, and then you can in all sincerity try and help the one you love to open their eyes to TTATT.

    PM me if you'd appreciate some straightforward examples to utilise.

  • smiddy3


    You have been here 3 years posted a number of times and responded about 45 times and you pose this question ?

    after claiming in one of your threads that you have read just about every apostate book their is ?

  • lastmanstanding

    I think there’s a lot of Watchtower balogna here these days...

  • Jerryh

    Okaaay I honestly don't see the problems with my questions. I pasted that quote from JW.com and as

    usual it is just an assertion with no further information like a date or who represents the wise or foolish

    virgins. Now I have researched enough to pretty well know who they say is wise and foolish but I was

    looking for a few details.

    On the question of the current meeting schedule I understand that has changed over the last year or two.

    Before the internets when there was only apostate books I read most of them and they are not very useful

    and now obsolete. okay I withdraw the freaking questions.

  • dozy

    I'm not sure exactly what the "midnight cry" is ( other than from us ex-JWs who wake up in a cold sweat and realise we have wasted 40 years devoting our lives to a cult-like religious publishing and property flipping business ) .

    If it is 1919 , maybe something to do with the JW leaders being released from prison. The Society have moved away from a lot of these old type / anti type Fred Franz era etc nonsense fulfillments in recent years though , so maybe there isn't a "modern day" application , or indeed , any direct application at all. Who knows? Frankly - who cares?

    The meetings have changed to only 2 a week - the "book study" was scrapped about 10 years ago. The Theocratic Ministry School was rebranded to stop it being called a school because of child safeguarding regulations etc , but I think essentially not a great deal has changed - the meetings are as boring , repetitive and pointless as ever , albeit with a few videos etc nowadays.

    If you really want to , I think you can download the meeting "workbook" from JW.org which should give you an idea of the schedule. Or go and attend one and see jaws drop when they see a rare "worldly interested person" attending.

  • dubstepped

    Meeting schedules differ for different congregations. Midweek you have the CLAM (Christian Life and Ministry) and the Service meeting. On the weekend, probably Sunday you have the public talk and Watchtower Study. I and many here have been out too long to have attended some of the new ways that they do things. They have a new Bible that was released just before we left, they have tv screens in Kingdom Halls where mindless drones watch video propaganda now, and things have changed quite a bit.

    As to the midnight cry, I can't remember them ever specifying much on that one point. So I'm no help there.

    Honestly, your question was oddly specific as to the midnight cry. I didn't know you had been here so long, have never seen you, and figured you were just an average "worldly" person trying to learn about JWs so I mentioned generalized places that might help you.

    So, what's the deal? Are you trying to help someone that you love that's a JW, or are you trying to become a JW for someone you love, or just curious? Maybe we can't help with these specifics so much but some context would help us to help you in some way.

  • Jerryh

    The article was from 1985 Feb 1, so that was the Franz era. So that answers that.

    Thank you all for your answers.

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