"serving" God......inside JW's and outside JW's

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  • Dawn

    Hi all. It's been a while since I posted...with work, kids, school and all it's hard to keep up. But I've been checking in about once a week and catching up on the latest. You guys are wonderful do you know that?! It's so great to have a group that I can share things with that REALLY understand what the H$ll I'm talking about

    I took some vacation time this week to help out at my church's music camp for kids. Today was our last day and I am reflecting on the difference between serving God now and as a JW. What a huge difference it is! I used to work at assemblies, clean the kingdom hall, go in service, all those things the sisters can do - and it always seemed like a chore. It wasn't much fun at all (other than visiting with my friends) - it was something I HAD to do to serve God. But I have found the serving God outside of the JW clenches doesn't have to be a chore - it can be quite fun in fact. The camp was a lot of work - I got up at 5:30 every morning just to prepare the games for the day - with over 60 kids you have to be on the ball! Then it's pretty hectic once camp starts - I did a lot of running, a lot of cleaning, a lot of fixing "bo bos" - but I didn't mind the work because we had so much fun. The kids learned a lot about the bible with games, stories, songs, and crafts. And guess what......they actually WANT to come back again......imagine that. Can you remember as a child begging your parents to take you to Thursday night ministry school?

    The biggest difference though is in the adults. For one thing, you don't have to be "approved" by the elders to serve - anyone is welcome and help is needed and appreciated. The elders do not judge someone's "worthiness" - the elders are there to run the church and to serve the church (woooow) Second - there was no gossiping.............like.....for the WHOLE WEEK......not ONCE. I never made it through two hours in field service without hearing some gossip. And last, but not least.......we were THANKED!! Yep - they appreciated our help - they not only said thank you but gave us cookies AND a hug. Now I know that doesn't sound like much but when was the last time someone thanked you and gave you cookies for cleaning the kingdom hall toilets?!

    I really enjoyed myself this week and I plan to work in the fall camp. What a difference life is when you get outside of the prison and find the fresh air.

  • Euphemism

    What an awesome experience, Dawn! I suppose that according to the JWs, your time was wasted because you weren't out spreading the "good news." :rolleyes: Seriously, that was one of the things that got to me, even when I was a loyal dub... it didn't make sense to me that things like schools, camps, charities, etc were frowned on.

    Anyway, so glad to hear that you've found a church where you feel at home and have an opportunity to do good!

  • Dawn

    your time was wasted because you weren't out spreading the "good news."

    No kidding. The really ironic thing is that we actually "witnessed" to more people in this 4 days than I ever did going door to door in a year. About 10 of these kids don't go to church - they just came with friends or relatives. Now their parents will come on Sunday to see them perform and hear the gospel message - that's 20 people right there, not counting their siblings, grandparents, etc. My father-in-law is even coming and he hasn't been to church in years. When the group put on their performance last spring over 100 additional people came to see them. Now THAT's witnessing!

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