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  • ThomasCovenant

    I missed this when it first came out.

    It's so sad to realize that I was part of the behaviour shown by the Witnesses in the video.

    This is my neck of the woods, and I recognize some of the yellow vested attendants that control the situation.I used to play football with the big French brother named Guy.

    If only they could see.


  • Half banana
    Half banana

    The monster episode was interesting in its crude observance of symbols but not grasping the real issues..... both on the part of the org. which created it and the witness who was interviewed (if it wasn't acted).

    The bro, the psychiatric community nurse (who I knew well forty years ago!) spoke the legal viewpoint correctly. The organisation now indicate you should contact the police but JWs pride in their loyalty to this half baked religion will inhibit them from doing so.

  • Vidiot
    Half banana - "...The organisation now indicate you should contact the police but JWs pride in their loyalty to this half baked religion will inhibit them from doing so."

    Not quite.

    The Organization now concedes that you can contact the police, but JWs' fear that they'll experience draconian consequences as a result of said contact inhibits them from doing so.


    Not to mention that old habits die hard...

    ...loyalists would rather gargle with battery acid than air the Org's dirty laundry to "Satan's World".

  • joe134cd

    That was a very thought provoking video. I think he raises some very good points, and demonstrates the mindset and culture with an organisation that has been slow to change.

  • Linda

    They need to step up and own the darn behaviour. I met so many people who were abused by brothers and NOTHING was done. One brother actually asked the survivor...`what do you want us to do about it?` WHAT!!!! OMG fix the problem nut wit. Address it and prosecute those who abused people. Makes me sick.

  • cofty

    Really appreciate that man's manner. Thanks for posting.

  • the girl next door
    the girl next door

    My comment to my mums best friend when she said my step daughters abuser was "not really a JW" was, how odd that the entire circuit considered him one for 30 years and many were disfellowshipped by him in that time" and "how convenient that now he's been jailed he is just a professed JW". "Don't any real JW sin?"

    Truly sickening and a blatant display of cognitive dissonance.

    Also props to the younger "brother" that shook John's hand twice. He will be out in a few years.

    "I enjoyed holiday with you many times John" then 15 seconds later, "Nice to meet you John".

    Denial and cognitive dissonance displayed fully.

    Poor poor nitwits.

  • smiddy3

    I just love that comment ,if he / she committed that "SIN" ( crime ) he/she was never really a Jehovah`s Witness.

    Even if he/she was just an ordinary publisher , MS ,or an Elder ,a baptized dedicated witness of Jehovah ,their not really a JW.?

    My comment there is ," Well obviously there are no Catholic Priests or Lay people guilty of the "SIN" (crime ) either ,because if they were truly Catholics they wouldn`t have committed those Sins/crime.

    They were not really Catholics.

  • Vidiot

    Something I’d like to add to my previous post...

    ...it occurred to me that in the case of lower-ranking members of the heirarchy, there would definitely be a reluctance to report alleged abuse because any subsequent secular investigation might uncover more...

    ...prompting very uncomfortable suspicions that they wouldn’t want to face.

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