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  • pepperheart

    What do people think will be the next cutback for the watchtower ??

  • Chook

    They could sell all halls and reason with the brothers that renting has advantages.

  • The_New_Barrold_Bonds

    Short term? Consolidating congregations, selling halls.

    Long term? I think eventually their printing needs will be small enough where it will be cheaper to outsource it. That would allow them to shutdown their printing, binding, shipping operations. In turn that pretty much eliminates any need for a facility at WT Farms. I'm not sure how much of their food is produced by the Farm but as the family shrinks, that also becomes unnecessary. I could even see them eliminating food services totally and have people make their own food.

    Once they shut down printing and shipping, it's going to create a domino effect.

    Hell, they could even eliminate a need for Patterson too. Why have all these schools when they can just do them via video conferencing or something like that. Move art, legal, and the AV stuff to Warwick and they can flip Patterson too.

  • DesirousOfChange

    ^^ I agree that Patterson is already obsolete and Wallkill is not far behind. The question is whether there is any real market value for commercial property in those areas.

  • truth_b_known

    I believe the end of their printed literature as well. They will outsource it in lands where tablets and PCs are not everyday household items. You will be able to download their literature...for a modest donation.

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