Jehovah's Witnesses's cover up of Child Abuse subject of NBC News Special in Sacramento California.

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    Kudos to the members of this group whose tireless work got this in-depth news special into every living room within 60 miles of the California Capitol. Every top cop, prosecutor, and lawmakers aid was exposed to the dark side of Watchtower. My phone has been ringing.......

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    Now all we need is a 60 Minutes special or something. 60 Minutes is in most countries right? I know it's in Australia. I've always thought that no matter how damaging a program is, what's just as important is what channel it airs on. I have nothing against A&E, but as good as the Leah Remini special was, it just didn't have the impact that it should have had. If they were to air that program on network television, all hell would break loose. I don't know what the equivalent of network television would be outside of north America, but I'm mainly referring to ABC, NBC, and CBS. Those are the channels we need this information on, as well as the equivalent channels in other countries. Those are the main channels that most people are watching.

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    Hey Balaamsass ! Thanks for the heads up the other day on the JW child abuse series . I thought it was going to be a 5 part series, but I've found only 3 parts online. My wife and I saw parts 1 , 2, and 3. And I received a newspaper link from San Francisco in regards to this same " Silent No More " series.

    I'll go ahead and post the links for part 2 and part 3, which aired on Tuesday & Wednesday night , and I'll post the San Francisco newspaper article which goes into a lot of detail about these 13 victims and the whole entirety of what's going on with this WT Society child abuse scene right now.

    So here are the links for anyone wanting to see :

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    APieceofShitNameTate - You mention 60 Minutes, more than ten years ago, there was a story about the JWs on Dateline. I was hoping that would've brought all the things that they hide to front, but nothing happened, same with Leah Remini's show, thinking that the next day or so would be headlines of how the JWs mistreat and lie to their people, but nothing. I think Scientology and the Mormons get more press than the JWs

    Well, at least this past week there have been stories about there sexual abuse that are coming, I see the post ahead of mines posted something from California news stations,I'm on the east coast in the New York area and our local station did a story about two former JWs that are now suing, so I guess this week must be file a suit agains the JWs if you were molested, that's a good thing !! I hope many more of those that were afraid to speak come forward too!

  • Xjw csaSurvivors
    Xjw csaSurvivors

    There will be more of this U.S. national tv coverage in the coming weeks and months.

    Updates are posted on the reporters' Twitter page :

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    I hope that more people see the Leah Remini show one day. It's the best exposé on Watchtower in my opinion. It just needs to be on a channel with a more mainstream audience, because most people aren't casually watching A&E.

  • cha ching
    cha ching

    A quote from the SF Gate news article freom above.

    "Irwin Zalkin, a San Diego-based attorney who has also represented Catholic abuse victims, got a decade's worth of documents from the database files, but can't disclose details due to a California judge's protective order shielding the files from public view for now.
    In an interview in an ornate, wood-carved courtroom at his alma mater, California Western School of Law, Zalkin called the documents he's seen "disturbing."
    "There are a lot of children that are being affected. Very, very badly... It's hard to know what's in that and not be able to talk about it," Zalkin said.
    Despite a court order requiring disclosure, lawyers for the Jehovah's Witnesses organization are still fighting, appealing to heavily redact the files.
    Zalkin says that in his experience, the Jehovah's Witnesses has been more defiant than the Catholic Church when it comes to disclosure of files detailing years of alleged abuse and the hierarchy's response to it."

    JWs are now programmed to believe and say:

    *We were told of these 'apostate lies'
    *All organizations have pedophiles

    *Jehovah is cleaning his organization

    When the 'disturbing' content of these blue envelopes are revealed, it may be another story. When they realize that the 'upper brass' knew about these terrible tragedies and let abusers abuse, we will really be able to see the depth of mind control then.


  • Xjw csaSurvivors
    Xjw csaSurvivors

    Yes, it will be interesting to see how this end game plays out.

    On this theme of the watchtower being the worst. and most obstructive...

    Irwin Zalkin says that in his experience, the Jehovah's Witnesses has been more defiant than the Catholic Church when it comes to disclosure of files detailing years of alleged abuse and the hierarchy's response to it.


    "Justice McClellan said before the commission he believed the Jehovah's Witness Church structures for investigating sexual abuse claims were flawed. "I don't know of any other religious organisation which ... has the processes with the flaws we have identified in the Jehovah's Witnesses,"


    From 05:47 lawyer Kathleen Hallisey :

    "their policy is absolutely horrific. It silences victims who finally find the courage to come forward. And it prevents abusers and predators from being reported to authorities, where they could be stopped. And they go on to abuse more and more children with impunity. "


    " broadly, what do you think should happen next, and do you in particular think that the Jehovah’s Witnesses should be included as part of the general Independent inquiry into historic child sexual abuse (IICSA) "

    Kathleen :

    "absolutely, I think it's critical that they are included in the Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse. This is an organisation that has not taken on modern safeguarding guidelines. They continue to insist that they are going to employ the two witness rule. And it's critical that the independent inquiry looks at an organisation that, we're not looking at historic abuse here, or non recent abuse, we're looking at a current safeguarding policy that puts children at risk "

    From 06:42

    Harvey Grenville, Head of Investigations and Enforcement at the Charity Commission , said something about the unprecedented obstruction of the watchtower...they held up the inquiry for more than 2 years with appeals...

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    I’m telling you guys...

    ... the bOrg’s tax-exemption is on the block...

    ... and they know it.

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