contribution boxes, speakers with x yrs of service and emotional inducement

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  • truthseeker

    At the district convention I attended, I had an excellent view of the stage. Especially those contribution boxes. Every so often, paticularly near the end of the morning and afternoon sessions, those sisters were doing the contribution box walk. These tall cardboard boxes which are printed in Pennsylvania, moved about. I wonder how many boxes there were?

    I also realized why new releases are 'released' at the end of an afternoon session - maximum contributions. The whole DC seems to be nothing more than a huge fund raising event.

    'Be liberal, ready to share' was the 'give us your money' talk.

    Also, why is it necessary to announce how many years of full time worship a speaker has? Talk about creature worship.

    Brother so an so will give the talk on xxx and has been in Bethel service for 19 years.

    Sister so and so will give us her experience and has been in the full time pioneer service for 30 years.

    Why do we need to know this?

    Ahh- the emotional inducement factor...

    "Brothers, you will be thrilled, delighted and have your spiritual appetites whetted for this afternoons session"

    Giveme strength...

  • stillajwexelder

    Yes -- in my opinion designed to induce guilt -- which ever way you look at it -- not very Christian -- you received free -give free I think Jesus said - as well as providing wine at a wediing in Cana, Bread and Fish at other famous miracles --- but the WTBTS always manages to produce guilt feelings -- either not contributing enough or not doing enough in service -- there is never a Well Done brothers it always do more, more, more, --- I hate it - it makes me want to vomit

  • lawrence

    Maybe in our profile we should define name, and how many years we have been "OUT" of the WTS. Here's Brother Budweiser he's been DF'ed for 22 years - welcome Brother Budweiser. Here's Sister BloodGuzzler, she's been Df'ed 18 years - welcome Sister BloodGuzzler. You're absolutuely right - worship of the creation, and not the Creator.

  • RunningMan

    I also noticed at the DC this year, that contributions became much more prominent. In other years, the announcements consisted of: greetings from Africa, turn off your headlights, where to find the information desk, etc. This year, every one of the six announcements began with a detailed explanation of how to donate, where to donate, how to get a receipt, etc. Donation announcements made up over 50% of all announcement time.

    As for creature worship, at my assembly on Sunday afternoon, they paraded the visiting missionaries around the stage, then each couple was stationed around the stage while the speaker praised them and the audience applauded. This was right after the Watchtower study pointed out that JWs do not honor any man.

    What a bunch of greedy, hypocritical, liars.

  • willyloman
    Brother so an so will give the talk on xxx and has been in Bethel service for 19 years.... Why do we need to know this?

    To create the illusion that talk assignments are "earned" rather than the result of close ties, family relationships, or other "old boys club" activity... which in fact it often is.

  • blondie

    Jehovah's witnesses are a performance-based organization/religion.


  • willyloman
    Jehovah's witnesses are a performance-based organization/religion.

    Exactly right, Blondie. In contrast with Jesus Christ who, the way the bible reads, did away with religion based on performance and tried to substitute one based on simple faith and a one on one relationship with God.

  • iiz2cool

    It's not only at conventions but at the KH as well. At the KH there are contributions for the worldwide work, kingdom hall building fund, and for the local congregation too. In my last hall they instituted a renovation fund for an upcoming renovation. No, they don't pass collection plates like some other religions do. Instead they just place numerous donation boxes in prominant locations, and nag people from the platform to donate.

    You're right about the creature worship too. When I was new in the org I was sometimes impressed with these ones who pioneered for 30 years, or spent so many years in bethel. But as I got to know them better I found many of them probably COULDN'T do anything else. Some lacked the skills to have a real life in the real world. Many of these pioneers were notorious for mooching meals rather than getting a skill and a job, and many had the habit of asking for "pioneer rates" when doing business with another JW.

    Uh oh! Am I beginning to rant? Sorry.


  • benext

    People aren't jumping into those jobs so easily these days. They have to keep pushing it as some sort of accomplishment.

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