Jehovah's Witnesses gain their spirituality through the lies and corruption of the Watchtower Corporation

by Finkelstein 1 Replies latest watchtower bible

  • Finkelstein

    When one thinks about it this is how JWS gain their spirituality and show their spiritual strength by being more involving and assertive in their activity within the religion.

    The WTS created many dubious doctrines intentionally to attract attention to the literature the WTS published, such Christ has returned and mankind is living in the last days etc.

    The WTS even went as far as setting specific dates to further enhance expectations to its followers (1975) there were devised lies and unsupported calculations, nevertheless they accomplished toward their original intent of literature circulation.

    You could say the WTS exploited people's insecurities and ignorance commercially, socially creating a cult of followers drawing up free labor and money.

    Unfortunately this fraud with its exploitation and mental manipulation still continues to this day.

  • Chook

    JW spirituality is measured by rank for males and for sisters it's rank of spouse. The whole curtain fell down before my eyes on how these guys appointed family member to positions of authority in the Jw church. If one clergymen can look after 150 in his church how come JWs would have roughly 8 elders to 150 publishers, it all about control and towing company line.

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