Hot Weather in Europe

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  • blondie

    The news in the US is reporting that 3,000 people have died from heat-related causes in France in the last 2 weeks.

    How has the UK and other countries been affected?

    How are JWD members faring?


  • ignored_one

    Lots of in a pub garden.

    Ignored One.

  • Gadget

    Saturday was very good here, I managed to top up my sunburn quite a bit. On Sunday I got caught in a downpour, the campsite I was on got flooded and visibility was very bad coming back up the motorway. Everyone was going on about how hot it was and all I saw was rain.


  • anglise

    Hi blondie

    here is the SE it has been really hot (well for us anyway).

    Last weekend it was between 29 and 31C indoors at night with all the windows open, and fans running to try and cool it a little, and we only live a couple of miles from the sea. No air movement at all. Very uncomfortable. During the day it was far too hot to do anything other than find a shady spot and stay there.

    I am sure those in the cities will have found it worse.

    Off course very few domestic dwelling have air con although other half has now installed a fan in the roof to draw the air through which is helping (I think).

    But we dont have time to acclimatise to the heat before it all changes here in the UK.

    True to our weather we had a thunderstorm, although brief, with torrential rain on Monday morning and now it is a bit cooler averaging 24-28C.

    So Gadget you were camping lucky you, we are booked to go for bank holiday week so I hope we dont get too much rain.

    Spending the first part on a farm with fishing and then going to a steam fair in dorset. All camping on basic sites. Where were you?


  • stillajwexelder

    I thought you Brits loved hot weather -- that is why you all go to Spain and the Greek islands for you vacation (sorry holidays) -- so stop complaining

  • blondie

    It has been uncharacteristically cool in my area, cooler than anywhere else in the US. But today it is going to be hot, mostly humid, and we're all whining. Except to say, at least we have electricity.


  • Gadget

    Anglise, I was camping in North Wales, the nearest I could get to the place I wanted to be! If the look on Blondies link you can see the storm I was in the middle of.

    On the news overnight it said there's a hurricane brewing in the Gulf of Mexico, its expected to hit land at Texas sometime over the weekend. I hope everyone on here from Texas is ready for it!


  • blondie

    Hey Gadget, that area has storms like this all the time. The local people pack up and move inland. Some stay, stock up and batten down the hatches. This time it is "only" a tropical storm. People stay off the beaches, except for a few tourists the last time (2 died). Ever since Galveston was just about flattened at the turn of the 20th century, Texans have been proactive about the weather.

    Poor Texans, they get hurricanes and tornados and floods and some of the hottest weather ever. But it doesn't make them leave--they are proud of their state. Texas used to be its own country, you see. Some still think they are.

    Blondie (who only has tornados to worry about--that's why I have a basement)

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