Change and Decay in all Around We See

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  • Lostandfound

    A line from the famous hymn Abide with Me, Fast Falls the Eventide.

    Does that sum up the WT now, change all around, many old faithful ones bewildered

    What is the much heralded positive advancement of the organisation?

    Are redundant bethelites rejoicing in their new assignments?

    How are faithful elderly being treated in earthquake of bethels reorganisation worldwide.

    An example to suggest finances the new buzz word is the bethel in Ireland, a purpose built building in a beautiful location, if advancement is the tune we sing why close and sell it and incorporate Ireland in with Britain branch?

    Why the dumbing down of "teaching" with drivel and mere entertainment?

    What has happen d to ex DOs and now COs over 70 ""retired?"" Retirement? Never heard the word from the 50s till recently, you never retired in God's service ? Where are they now? Are the overjoyed to be cast aside?

    How are redundant bethelites reacting to the new situation of a cold harsh world, are they filling their new Congs with joy and happiness?

    Have bethelites had a rise to cover the extra costs they have re cleaning, food etc?

    What is the situation re food for bethelites? Are they all going to Lidl or Aldi?

    Much noise about new regional translation offices, was not the worldwide branch network this already? GB member Jackson says he principally involved with translation, with new offices opening what work is left for him to do?

    Re retiring at 70 what is the situation re the GB? All members now appear younger than me yet I was taught heavenly calling closed in 30s, and then cleverly they slipped in possibility for replacements for u faithful ones, Ther must have been a hell or a lot of unfaithful ones,

    Is congregation morale steady, slipping or just plain in a state of stupor. Does anyone know of grumbles behind the scenes.?

    My father in law died in around 2005, he was active since end ow WW2, if he came back to a meeting and saw the appalling magazines, spiritual famine, and constant begging for cash he would turn round and leave at once. At no time in his time with the WT did he ever hear a plea for money, people willingly gave and of course the huge machine of magazines and literature, produced by cheap to run labour made the society very well funded. Cost of a bethelite today significantly higher in proportion than years ago. Yet "volunteer" labour force shredded faster than any worldy bank in the 2008 financial crisis.

    Much speculation on here about state of WT, what do we KNOW about their decay?

    On GB who picks new members? How long will the likes of rubber man Lett continue without opposition?

    Yellowbrick road ended with curtain pulled aside, Internet and the going public as celebrity's of the GB has done it.

    The Darkness Deepens , as the hymn continues.

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