Conversation with an ex-bethelite

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  • dothemath

    I ran into a young brother a while ago who had just been let go from Bethel and was now back out west.

    I was curious about his perspective on what it was like there (especially after reading some of the horror stories on this site)

    Actually he absolutely loved it there, and would go back if he could (seemed sincere).

    I guess some enjoy the institutional life more than others. (I'm sure I would not)

    He has had to go back to work, and isn't pioneering, so maybe reality is setting in.

    Was just wondering if any others had info on how the ex-bethelites are doing.

  • wifibandit

    He is still coming down off his "spiritual high." Or he could be struggling, but putting up a good front so as not to "discourage" the friends.

    I was in the same place when I was "Sent Out to the Field". Reality hits hard once you have to start paying bills to eat and have a roof over your head. Then you realize the mistake you made in quitting College to go to Bethel and work for free. It leaves a huge hole in your resume/ C.V.

    Hopefully he learned some actual skills while there! Most don't, as newboys are assigned menial labor, even if they have degrees or skills.

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