Why the world can be a beautiful place

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  • Miss Behaving
    Miss Behaving

    When we're witnesses we learned to emphasize everything that's hopeless and bad about the world. I'd like a place to read and write about what there is to appreciate about being here.

    Maybe this has been done before, I'm not sure because the search function doesn't work on my phone. If so, I'm sorry. I'm not trying to mess anything up.

    Anyways, here goes:

    -I have no money, and yet I can go to college. Education isn't just for the upper classes anymore, knowledge is available for anybody who wants it.

    -Internet: we can connect with people across the world. Listen to any kind of music, read books, watch a cartoon, all with a touch of our fingers.

    -Most people are kind. Last week a duckling flew into the swimming pool at my school and I watched 6 of my classmates try to rescue it.


    -huge variety of clothing and food choices.

    -the freedom to be who we really are (unless who you really are is a murderer or something)

  • zeb

    I just went for a walk. The ABC was playing the "Blue Danube" as I looked out across the sea. Over head flights of pelicans. On the walk lots of nice people out enjoying their walk/ cycling and rehab one told me from serious medical stuff.

    On the beach side mums and some dads too out enjoying the day. clean public toilets. Nice coffee shops.

    No car bombs, no sectarian nutters, no destroyed buildings no cities under fire..

    "I see trees of green,

    red roses too.."

    "I hear babies cry

    I watch them grow, they'll know much more

    than I'll ever know"..... 

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