The great tribulation is now coming VERY soon!

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  • The Searcher
    The Searcher

    Watchtower October 2017, par 11, page 28 - "Very soon the political powers of Satan’s world will form a coalition that is bent on the destruction of God’s people. [J.W.'s] Do we [J.W.'s] have anything to fear? Not at all!........At that critical moment during the great tribulation, the angelic soldiers of Jehovah of armies will come together to protect God’s people..."[J.W.'s]

    Question for the G.B./faithful slave/guardians of doctrine: to which particular "great tribulation" are you referring in order to psych up the sheep yet again? Is it the one in Matthew 24:21 which Jesus said would never occur again, ('never' means never - not even a "greater fulfillment") or are you using your old misinterpreted bogey-man of Revelation 7:14 which is actually a reference to the great tribulation described earlier in the account at Revelation 2:22?

    You can fool some of the people................... :(

  • The Searcher
    The Searcher

    What is going on with the duplication of topics? I haven't touched the keyboard today - until now!!!!!!

  • darkspilver

    What is going on with the duplication of topics? I haven't touched the keyboard today - until now!!!!!!

    Don't worry, the forum is queuing all your topic posts and slowing posting them public one-by-one

    Our limits are flexible and a bit elastic and when they do kick in they don't stop you posting, they just start to delay posts appearing - initially for short periods and longer, the more the limits are exceeded. If you have submitted a post and it doesn't immediately appear then if you wait, it will. It get's queued. The queue also helps to smooth out the system load so if a lot of people are posting at once then the queue may backup a little even though you haven't hit a posting limit (it also prevents anything being lost if I'm deploying a new version of the app / instances are restarting etc...)

    But ...

    If you don't wait then things go wrong. If you submit the same topic or post over and over in an attempt to make it appear then what actually happens is that you end up triggering the limits as well as posting duplicates and as a result the system delays your posts for increasingly longer periods. Even if I subsequently delete the duplicates, those still count towards your limits.

    If you have posted something then please just be patient, there is no need to re-submit it and doing so will likely just delay it's appearance even further.

    Sometimes things are weird -

    I currently have a browser 'tab/window' open with a post I'm trying to post that has spent the last five minutes on the first 'Uploading Post' sequence.

    BUT, actually, when I checked with an other browser tab/window open - the post has actually be submitted and has been made public - yet the original tab/window is still stuck on the 'uploading post'.

    Simon has some good forum software running - generally, if you press 'submit' on a post - it'll get posted (and not 'lost'), just maybe not posted public straight away.....

  • btlc

    That's Jehovah made you preach on and on!

  • Simon
    What is going on with the duplication of topics? I haven't touched the keyboard today - until now!!!!!!

    You didn't wait after posting, you posted again ... and again. Edited to add: it turns out you posted 20-30 times, the same thing or variations, all about some other poster. So time for you to sod off because I don't appreciate people being dicks and making work.

    Posts go into a queue for processing. Just because you may not see it immediately doesn't mean it isn't going to be processed and appear. Once submitted, wait. As the instructions say - there is no need to re-submit things.

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